Granger Smith Tours With ShapeShifters

Granger Smith Tours With ShapeShifters

Country artist Granger Smith’s 2016 touring exposed the rising artist to even larger audiences, and featured a unique lighting design by Sean Semler that included 12 High End Systems SHAPESHIFTER C1s. Lured away from another artist, Sean says “Granger's live performance and overall attitude was just infectious to me - and here I am today.” As Smith is very ‘hands-on’ with programming ideas for his touring show, Semler explains, “Granger has a very creative mind, and likes to be a part of the brainstorming process. We’ll bounce ideas off one another and design and program the show. I value this type of working relationship - I believe it ensures the probability of the wants and needs of the artist. When I first came on board, my PM and I discussed budget and options for a freshly designed lighting rig that would achieve looks not being utilized by the majority of touring groups.  I felt like the SHAPESHIFTER was my answer, so we quickly decided to lease a package that we took on the FGL Canada tour.”

“Granger's set allows for a wide range of simple to complex creativity.  Some songs call for just simple static wash looks, while others call for that hard rock, in your face, punchy macro that the SHAPESHIFTER provides - already built in to the fixture. These ‘eye candy’ macros are an important aspect of our show; they give the fans something that they are not used to seeing.  We decided to use a dozen SHAPESHIFTERS as part of our floor package. We were direct support for this tour so we wanted a powerful look from the floor to compliment the house rig above. I was very pleased with the punch and overall beam throw in these larger arenas. It definitely provided a different dynamic than the traditional moving fixtures out there.”  

Semler was first exposed to the SHAPESHIFTER in the demo room at High End Systems. He says, “I was instantly fascinated by all its possibilities.  I liked the idea that not only could it do the job during the night time, dark touring slots, but that it can provide a meaningful powerful punch during the sun lit touring slots.  It's difficult to find a fixture that has pixel mapping or the various macros that show up so significantly in the daytime hours.”  

Semler also spec'd a HOG 4 for this tour and says he instantly fell in love with it. “I reside in Austin and have had the opportunity to tour High End's facilities many times. I am a huge fan of the company and their dependable lighting desks have always been at the top of my touring wish list. It's definitely an advantage for me to be so close and have the ability to walk in and try what’s new.  The HOG 4 in particular gives me tremendous satisfaction in its pixel mapping capabilities. I program song for song, meaning that each page is a song in our set. I love the layout of the console and its ability to easily navigate all the touch screen capabilities and command keys.  The command keys are a godsend for having to ‘punt’ a song that may make its way into your set list. I personally use them for specific hits and overrides, and love the fact that I don't have to eat up faders in doing so.”  

In closing, Sean gives special thanks to Vince Kapchinski and the crew over at Backstage Sound & Lighting. “Backstage goes above and beyond the call of duty to supply us with our touring production needs. I would also like to thank High End Systems for always allowing me to be curious in their building!  I show up and always leave with a smile thanks to their professional and courteous staff.  Their customer service is the best around.” 

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