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Gearhouse Splitbeam Puts Safety First, Adds Ron StageMaster

With the new production of Phantom of the Opera, which started a world tour in January this year in Manila, Philippines, Gearhouse Splitbeam have added their first Eilon Ron StageMaster 6000 G4 Wireless System to their rigging rental stock, which currently includes over two hundred motors.

“The 10-load cell system, which we purchased from DWR Distribution, can be remotely monitored in conjunction with the wireless receiver and Apple-compatible software via Bluetooth technology,” said Alistair Kilbee, Managing Director at Splitbeam. “The Eilon load cells are easy to install due to the perpendicular design and wireless capabilities.”

The Eilon Ron StageMaster 6000 System, which allows for “always on” wireless continuous monitoring, was the main reason Splitbeam selected the 6000 series. “This means that the load on the motors can be monitored as the motors are moving scenery in and out to ensure safe load dispersion between the motors,” Alistair explained. “The load cells have a battery life of up to 5,000 hours so we can confidently install them on a touring production, where they will be in the rig for a month at a time. Each monitoring system has the capability to monitor up to 200 load cells, allowing us to easily purchase additional load cells to add to our current system.”

Alistair concludes, “With over 100 of our Prolyft Aetos Motors on the tour, the Eilon StageMaster 6000 System provides peace of mind by preventing and warning of potential overloading and thus putting safety first.”

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