G5 Proved To Be Successful At LDI Show 2015

Wireless Solution Sweden has had another successful year at LDI SHOW in Las Vegas. The Swedish company released the new UGLYBOX MK2 and introduced Generation 5 of the W-DMX range to the North America Market. The LDI SHOW proved to be very successful with great feedback from W-DMX’s loyal users.  

“We like surprising our customers with more features in our little boxes”, says CEO of W-DMX Niclas Arvidsson, who has been attending the show for more than a decade.

The product standing out from the crowd was version two of the UglyBox. This handy device has got a 4.3’’ touch screen and can be used to troubleshoot any W-DMX transmission. It supports 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz and is a transceiver solution, which means that it can be used as both transmitter and receiver. It has a complete DMX tester that provides all data in live format directly on the screen. It also has a built in DMX Controller as well as an RGB Fixture to simulate LED fixtures on the LCD Screen for quick testing. The UglyBox MK2 is the ultimate tool for any rental or installation company using W-DMX products.

“This year we also surprised our customers with a completely redesigned radio card that offers Triple-Band and up to 25% longer distance”, says Niclas.

“The upgrades to the card are like the OS versions we get on our phones: they look slightly different, but improve the efficacy of the equipment in an outstanding way”, added Arvidsson, explaining what changed. “Our mission is to have the most reliable Wireless DMX Solution on the market with support of RDM and Ethernet protocols. We have been achieving exactly that for 12 years, and we want to make sure we continue delivering the same in this crowded wireless environment”.

Wireless Solution exhibited alongside with ACT Lighting, its hospitable distributor is the US and Canada, who have contributed a great deal in making W-DMX from Wireless Solution the unofficial standard of Wireless DMX with RDM and Ethernet Support.

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