ETC's ColorSource CYC Makes an Award-winning Debut at LDI 2017

Visitors to the 2017 LDI Show were impressed by ETC's new LED cyclorama fixture - as were LDI’s judges, who honored the ColorSource CYC with a Best Debuting Lighting Product award.

Visitors to the 2017 LDI Show in Las Vegas this November found ETC’s booth awash in color, thanks to the new ColorSource® CYC luminaire. Two 18-foot-tall cyc panels bookended the booth, each lit evenly and brightly in a range of tints and hues by the new LED fixtures. Show-goers were impressed – as were LDI’s judges, who honored the ColorSource CYC with a Best Debuting Lighting Product award at a ceremony on Saturday night.

Technical Product Manager Dave Cahalane accepted the award on behalf of the development team. “With the ColorSource CYC, we tried to provide a fixture that had a broad range of beautiful color in a compact size,” he explained in his acceptance speech.

The cyclorama light is the latest addition to the ColorSource family of products, which bring high-quality LED lighting and control to a more affordable price point. The ColorSource CYC adds a fifth emitter color to the standard RGB-Lime array: indigo LEDs that help achieve rich, deep blues.

Other new and previewing products on ETC’s stand included the Ion® Xe and Ion Xe 20 control consoles, the Eos Fader Wings, the Source 4WRD PARNel® fixture body, and sneak previews of the Source 4WRD® Daylight and the GDS ArcLamp FTW (Fade to Warm) LED retrofit lamp, which mimics incandescent red shift as it dims smoothly to zero. ETC also commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Source Four® spotlight with a special, crowdsourced video displayed on the booth.

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