Elation and sld mediatec Create Pre-Game Excitement for Professional German Ice Hockey Team

Player entrances and introductions are a time-honored tradition of any sport and serve as an important way to pump up both player and fan prior to a game. This season, when professional German ice hockey club, the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers, take to the ice, lighting effects from Elation Professional Platinum 1200 Wash™, Platinum FLX™ and Platinum Beam 5R Extreme™ add an extra level of excitement to the pre-game hype.

The Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers are located in Nuremberg, Germany, and play in the country's premier league, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. Elation dealer and entertainment technology solutions provider sld mediatec GmbH, also based in Nuremberg, has proudly partnered with the team for the past seven years. For the 2017/2018 season, sld mediatec’s head of lighting and rigging, Sebastian Groß, wanted to create something special for the multisensory show that accompanies player introductions and chose 8 Platinum 1200 Wash, 4 Platinum FLX and 12 Platinum Beam 5R Extreme for the job.

The pre-game light show is used to create movement, energy and excitement before each home game. The Ice Tigers’ logo is illuminated in white light while the rink is awash in colors representing the team´s corporate design. Splayed beams of energetic light represent the players on the ice while the colored ice rink reflects the dynamism of the Ice Tigers’ team. A multisensory video presents the concept “The ice rink belongs to the Ice Tigers” as the player introduction sequence presents each individual player. The lights work with smoke and haze effects and the entire introduction show is accompanied by music.

“The Platinum 1200 Wash is exceptionally bright and puts down a nice flood of color, even from a high trim height,” commented sld mediatec’s Daniel Danzer. “With its 19 x 65W LED engine it produces color washes as bright as 1500W discharge fixtures and has plenty of power for this application. It also has a very nice zoom. We can zoom it out very wide to get more coverage or narrow it down for a tighter beam.” Speaking of the Platinum FLX fixtures, he said, “With the hybrid FLX fixtures we have the option to use it as a beam light for sweeps of beams on the ice or as a spot. We can use the frost as well if we want to use it more as a wash light to get more color saturation on the ice.”

Over the years, Daniel says that sld mediatec has used a lot of Elation products at Ice Tiger games. “They’re great products and a great value and the Ice Tigers organization has been great to work with. The players, coaches and staff really appreciate the energy that the light show gives them before each game.”

Photos:  Steffen Riese

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