EffectEvent Makes New Core Investment

EffectEvent Makes New Core Investment

New Malden, Surrey, UK based event lighting and production specialist EffectEvent has made a new investment in CORE Lighting’s flagship ColourPoint 2 wireless LED up-lighters to service their busy schedule.

EffectEvent was founded in 2010 by Duncan Owen who is still one of the primary hands-on project managers. The company is active in and around London and the southern counties, providing innovative and imaginative full lighting and production solutions for a multiplicity of events … including corporate presentations and conferences, parties, awards shows and gala dinners, plus exclusive weddings.

The purchase of the infinitely useful and successful ColourPoint 2s add great flexibility to their current lighting rental stock, and follows a great experience utilising the older CORE Point20 products – still going strong - as a reliable workhorse.

EffectEvent’s sales and marketing executive Will Crysell explained, “Wireless up-lighters are useful for just about any event, and we needed more to keep pace with the amount of business going on right now. ColourPoint 2 is one of the best known and regarded ‘industry standard’ products in this category, so it was a really logical decision”.

They particularly liked the attractive look of the ColourPoint 2 and they also needed an IP65 rated fixture to use for the outdoor work. The small size, high brightness, homogenized output and long battery life of the ColourPoint 2 were other factors influencing the choice of brand, plus the fact that it is manufactured in the UK.

One of the first projects for the 20 new ColourPoint 2s was a Las Vegas themed event staged in Epsom, Surrey for the RAC. "We needed a wireless DMX fixture with a quality output to light a fountain in the venue’s courtyard," explained Will.

The ColourPoint 2s were positioned horizontally on the ground with the beams focused into the fountain jets in an eye-catching effect.

The units are in use every week. The highly practical charging unit which completes the CORE wireless system means that they can be recharged overnight in the warehouse – or on site - and be ready for use again immediately.

"The fact that they can be so quickly and easily deployed anytime anywhere and have such an immediate impact is amazing," comments Will. They have also been impressed by how long the fixtures will last, which is a whole evening on one charge or about 8 hours on a two or three colour mix.

The White LED chip in addition to the RGB enables superior tonal qualities and colours to be replicated.

They were also recently utilized for a Starbucks event at the London Museum of Water & Steam in Brentford to highlight the room during a gala dinner. Set on one of the automatic colour changing pre-selected programmes, the light and flashes of colour dotted around the room completely transformed the environment.

Photos: EffectEvent

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