Eaton’s New Zero 88™ FLX Lighting Console

Eaton’s New Zero 88™ FLX Lighting Console

Cwmbran, UK… Power management company Eaton announce the new FLX lighting console as part of its performance lighting controls product line Zero 88.

With the rapid adoption of LED lighting and colour mixing across the industry and the increasing expectations for a more sophisticated lighting experience, creating great lighting designs has never been under more time pressure. The FLX lighting console has been specifically designed to deploy a range of time saving features to meet this challenge.

Utilising an internal 7 inch capacitive touch screen, the console’s comprehensive feature set operates across 2048 channels and 240 playbacks. Programming time is reduced with a simple three-step programming method - what you want, how you want it, where you want it. This releases precious additional time for users to spend on the creative lighting design process.

Fast and easy to learn, FLX is compact, tough and portable and has been developed to be used in a wide range of dynamic lighting applications from touring & live events to TV and theatre, from exterior architectural projects to worship and educational use.

The FLX Lighting Console debuts alongside a range of complementary mobile apps and accessories, at ProLight+Sound exhibition, Frankfurt, Germany 15-18 April 2015.

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