DNJ Pro Presents The Novalight Nova-Scope

A First Look at the Only Kaleidoscopic Aerial Effect Light on the Market

At LDI 2015, DNJ Pro will present the world with Italian lighting manufacturer, Novalight’s, latest cutting-edge creation, the Nova-Scope.

The Novalight Nova-Scope combines a HTI 2000W/D10/60 lamp with a unique reflector setup to provide an extremely high output mid air effects solution.

Marcello Bertini, owner of Novalight and an accomplished lighting designer and engineer, created this large scale effect light to do something that had never been seen or successfully created before.

The Nova-Scope contains an unprecedented kaleido effect wheel that creates colorful patterns and shapes in mid-air.

Novalight’s Nova-Scope is weatherproof and can withstand all weather conditions.

The Novalight Nova-Scope also includes a seven option gobo wheel, shutter, dimmer, and strobe effects, six colors plus white, and CMY color mixing, and operates within a 17 channel DMX 512 RDM.

Novalight’s Nova Scope moving light is available in North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) from DNJ Pro.

Want to see more? Visit www.dnjpro.com

TAGS: Lighting LDI
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