DNJ Pro Attends TLS Productions, Inc. Open House

Entertainment Professionals Gather at TLS Productions, Inc. for Second Annual Open House

On Friday September 25, entertainment professionals gathered at TLS Productions, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Mich. for their second annual open house.

DNJ Pro, along with a combination of 19 other entertainment equipment manufacturers and distributors, met with dozens of TLS’ clients to familiarize them with a variety of both established products and new products. Clients from all industries including local film festival committees, to rigging companies, to rental houses, to marketing firms tested uplights, LED tape, searchlights, moving lights, lighting consoles, and more.

“In my opinion, the vendor showcase was a great success,” said Jessica Stonesifer, director of marketing for DNJ Pro. “Carl [Kedzierski, director of marketing for TLS Productions, Inc] did a great job of getting the word out there about the show. There’s a big difference between someone talking a product over the phone versus getting a live demonstration and the opportunity to play around with the products. People seemed very thrilled to come face-to-face with products and I hope that translates to more business and sales for TLS!”

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