Digital Anarchy Announces Transcription Software For Adobe® Premiere Pro® Editors At NAB 2017

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive Delivers Accurate Video File Transcription Ideal for Subtitles, Closed Caption, YouTube SEO; Intelligent Natural Language Processing Engines Deliver 96% Accuracy

Digital Anarchy( today announced Transcriptive, an automated, intelligent transcription plugin for Adobe® Premiere Pro® editors at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas.  Specifically designed to automatically transcribe video, Transcriptive uses multiple speech and natural language processing engines to achieve a 96% accuracy rate. This makes Transcriptive an incredibly powerful and cost effective solution to generate closed captions, sub-titles, metadata for search engine optimization and many other audio-to-text requirements that editors deal with every day.

Digital Anarchy will be demonstrating its new Transcriptive plugin in its booth #SL5528 in the Plugin Pavilion. Transcriptive is in final stages of beta testing and will be released early summer 2017. Transcriptive will be priced at $249.00 USD, however customers can pre-order immediately for $199.00 USD by visiting

“Transcribing video is one of those time and labor intensive tasks that most video editors despise, but they also know it’s a requirement. In fact, in many cases it’s even a legal requirement! Unfortunately, it’s also expensive, tedious and extremely time consuming,” said Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy. “Captioning, subtitles, and metadata are very important to most video producers. With Transcriptive, our goal is to simplify the transcription process while bringing the cost, time and energy way down. With our high rate of accuracy and a free or low-cost per minute, we think Transcriptive is going to transform the art of transcription.”

Transcriptive: How it Works

Transcriptive gives users the option to use two different speech engines to automatically and accurately transcribe video with much less human interaction. It features speaker identification, time code, text edit capabilities and other tools to make it a simple process for video editors and producers.

It’s seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to stay within one program, eliminating the need to switch back and forth, wasting time and interrupting creative flow. Additionally, Transcriptive makes it possible to use transcription results as metadata within Premiere Pro, enabling keyword searches for specific words or phrases spoken in a video. Transcriptive also includes an improved search panel that makes Search even easier and more reliable within Premiere Pro.

Once the transcriptions are complete, editors can either use them within Premiere or export them as .srt, .stl, or .vtt files for use in other applications, or online, for example, on YouTube for SEO/Sub-title purposes. You can also save the metadata with the video clip.

Key features of Transcriptive include:

  • 90-96% Accuracy (depending on which speech engine you use and cleanness of audio)
  • Up to 16 hours of free transcribing per month*
  • Speaker Identification
  • Fast, automatic transcription, often 1/4 or 1/2 the time of the video.
  • Export as .srt, .stl, .vtt or to Premiere Pro metadata to be used for in-application Search
  • Different modes for different workflows (what does this mean? How is this a benefit?)
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Built-in Search Panel for more powerful search within Premiere Pro

*Customers using the Watson Speech Service without speaker identification receive 1000 free minutes per month. For more information on available speech services available for use with Transcriptive, please visit  

About Digital Anarchy
Digital Anarchy is a privately owned company in San Francisco, CA that creates smart image enhancement software for video editors, broadcast designers and photographers. These tools let you spend less time processing images and more time on creative work, solving issues from skin smoothing to flicker removal and more. Digital Anarchy products work in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, Avid, Assimilate Scratch, Sony Vegas, FilmMaster, NUKE, and Photoshop. For more information, please see the company's website at or call 415-287-6069.

Digital Anarchy is a registered trademark of Digital Anarchy Inc. All other brand names, product names, service marks, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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