Design Thinking Rocks Innovation Night At Atomic

ATOMIC, a creative company providing rental solutions, set construction, design and production services for the live event industry, hosted the inaugural event for the Rock Lititz Innovation Series. Presented by ATOMIC leaders Lydia Henry, VP of Strategy and HR, Daniel McPhillips, President and Rob Barber, VP of Rental Solutions, the evening was focused on “Design Thinking.” The interactive evening was a creative, fun success with employees from several of the Rock Lititz companies, including ATOMIC, Clair Global, TAIT and PEDG, among others.

A growing innovation campus, Rock Lititz focuses on production, collaboration and community. The intention is to challenge how industry professionals think, design, and create, in order to enhance both the clients experience, as well as the day to day operations of Campus tenants. By learning from each other’s strengths in the Rock Lititz Innovation Series, this collaboration promises to bring the Rock Lititz community closer, as well as push individuals’ abilities even further. 

The Innovation evening kicked off with stellar sponsor giveaways from Red Bull, Sugar Whipped, a local bakery, and Julius Sturgis Pretzels, the original innovators of pretzels in 1861 right in Lititz, PA. After the attendees enjoyed the sponsors and networking time, ATOMIC’s leaders presented to the group about “Design Thinking” and challenged each attendee to participate in the Spaghetti-Marshmallow Tower activity. 

This high impact conversation about "Design Thinking,” or how to approach design as a field of thinking rather than making challenged each attendee. The conversation focused on everything from how to adopt a design mentality, to the idea of design thinking as a method of effective problem solving. “Design Thinking” is critical to workforce readiness and has been identified by the Institute for the Future as one of the top 10 work skills employers will demand by 2020. More and more, design roles are being incorporated in more unlikely fields (such as banking) to help solve issues and problems. Rock Lititz companies are at the forefront of this mega-trend and ATOMIC was honored to host the first Rock Lititz Innovation Series event with the interactive discussion and design challenge for all the Rock Lititz industry pros.


Headquartered in Lititz, PA, ATOMIC is a creative company in the business of live events and environments for entertainment and brand communication. ATOMIC has a diverse collection of creatives. Our team of producers, designers, engineers, artists, storytellers, technicians and craftsmen provide set construction, rental solutions, design and production services to clients across the globe. Established in 1994, ATOMIC is rooted in the rock & roll industry, joining Clair Global and TAIT in Lititz, PA as part of the Rock Lititz industry cluster. Now with a presence in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Tokyo, ATOMIC serves clients from television networks to global brands to designers and artists. ATOMIC drives each project forward. No Surprises. Unique Results. For more information on ATOMIC, please visit

About Rock Lititz:

The 96-acre innovative campus is designed with the needs of the entertainment industry in mind. Rock Lititz strives to generate a one-of-a-kind community that will push live events to the next level by encouraging collaboration. From design, engineering, and manufacturing through production rehearsals and beyond, Rock Lititz encompasses every step of the production process. Anchored by the largest, strongest rehearsal space in the world, Rock Lititz Studio joins Clair Global, TAIT Towers, ATOMIC and other industry leaders in calling Lititz, PA home.

 For more information on Rock Lititz, please visit

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