The Design Oasis And Chauvet Professional Provide Great Accents For All Good Music Festival

The Design Oasis And Chauvet Professional Provide Great Accents For All Good Music Festival

SUMMIT POINT, WV (For Immediate Release) – Primus, Cake, moe., Dark Star Orchestra, Thievery Corporation, Lotus… the list of bands appearing at the All Good Music Festival was long and impressive, representing the best of jam, jangle and other music genres. But there was much more to this freewheeling three-day gathering than just rhythmically tight guitar riffs, thumping basses and funky improvisations. A transcendental throwback to the psychedelic ’60s, All Good is also a celebration of the spirit as evidenced by the myriad of colorful scenic elements, including a giant Buddha and a pagoda, that are scattered throughout its sprawling Berry Hill Farm home.

Lending more color, emotion and transcendental energy to the festival is a collection of 175 COLORado IP Series fixtures from CHAUVET Professional, provided by The Design Oasis. “I think we used all of the different fixtures in the COLORado IP line, including the battens and washes,” said Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis, who served as project manager for the event. “We had the fixtures located everywhere throughout the festival site and all the decor elements. Some of the COLORados were used as stand-alone fixtures, while others were linked.”

In addition to highlighting the various scenic elements on the festival grounds in a rainbow of colors, the COLORado fixtures were used to create their own narrative. “Chris Kuroda, the lighting designer for the festival, chose a lot of very cool looks with saturated colors for the COLORados,” said Ritscher. “Most of the fixtures were programmed to tell different stories at different spots throughout the farm. Each program took about 20 minutes to complete and then repeated, so as people walked around the festival they probably never saw the same light sequence twice, which kept things interesting for them, in keeping with the spirit of the festival.”

Ritscher singled out the color rendering capabilities of the COLORado fixtures and their reliable outdoor design for their role in helping the festival project go off without a hitch. “The last thing you want in a festival that’s in the middle of a rural area is for your lighting to malfunction on you,” he said. “It’s not like you can run down the street and get a replacement. We’ve used the COLORados very often and know we can count on them. They put out a great light, and they’re also very reliable. We did not have a single problem with any of the fixtures"

“Aside from the reliability of the COLORados, another reason our show went off without a hitch was all the hard work on the part of our programmers John Clark and John Hollingshead. It was really a great team effort here. With a solid team, we were able to really focus on each element. Everyone got caught up in the festival atmosphere. We’re glad our lighting helped the event come off that much better.”

The largest cross rental company in South Florida, The Design Oasis rents lighting, video, audio, staging and power, providing 24-hour customer support at no additional cost. For more information visit the company’s website

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