The Design Oasis And Chauvet Professional Arouse Passions At Hard Rock

The Design Oasis And Chauvet Professional Arouse Passions At Hard Rock

HOLLYWOOD, FL (For Immediate Release) – Often times, the owners of a club will select a name for their establishment, because it sounds good – or sells more beverages -- but in the case of Passion, the multi-level mega club at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, there is real heat behind the bright moniker. Every inch of this 15,000 square foot club pulsates with passion from 10pm to 6 am Fridays and Saturdays, thanks to the energy of its A-list guest, the non-stop simultaneous performances at its three DJ booths and the eye-popping visual treats served up by 184 pixel mapped ÉPIX Strip 2.0 linear fixtures and other products from CHAUVET Professional.

Opened on December 1, 2004, Passion quickly established itself as a serious player in South Florida’s buzzing club scene, making waves by booking talent like Lady Gaga and DJ Pauly D, as well as international EDM stars such as Dash Berlin and Latin sensations like Grammy-nominated Farruko. Still the club’s owners have never been ones to rest on their laurels, an attribute that led them to call The Design Oasis’ Davie, Florida office about expanding their lighting rig.

“This is a club that is always looking to do more and do it better,” said Lucas Oliveira of The Design Oasis. “The club’s owners are committed to staying ahead of the pack with the latest technology, which is why they wanted to add the crisp geometric looks you get with a high-output LED linear fixture like the ÉPIX Strip 2.0.”

Oliveira, partner Abbas Ritscher and their team at The Design Oasis Team positioned 184 of the 1-meter ÉPIX Strip 2.0 units around the Passion dancefloor. They used custom aluminum cradles to hold the ÉPIX Strips on truss, so the fixtures could be moved up and down to create added visual interest. “The strips really contribute to the new look of the club, not just because of their brightness and color, but also because of the motion they bring,” said Ritscher. “We created the aluminum structures to give them even more motion.”

Also adding high impact motion to the Passion lighting rig are 24 Q-Wash 260-LED aerial beam moving fixtures. Positioned on truss over the dancefloor, these lightning fast fixtures with a narrow 6° beam angle play off effectively against the large mirrorballs and other hanging spheres that loom overhead at the two-story club to captivate dancers with a swirl of reflective images.

Along with adding more movement to the dancefloor and surrounding areas, The Design Oasis team turned up the color volume at Passion with the addition of 12 high output Q -Wash 560Z-LED moving yoke washes. Drawing on its 91 red, green, blue, amber and white LEDs, this high output fixture is adding a diverse range of hues to the club to match the performances of the varied guest artists who perform on its stage.

More looks and colors are created by a video wall made up of 20 PVP S5 5 millimeter LED video panels and a collection of Nexus Aw 7x7 warm white set pieces. “We’ve arranged a lot of these super intense fixtures around the stage to engage the audience and highlight the performing acts,” said Oliveira. “This club runs on an intense level of emotional energy and we want lighting that can keep up."

The largest cross rental company in South Florida, The Design Oasis rents lighting, video, audio, staging and power, providing 24-hour customer support at no additional cost. For more information, visit the company’s website

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