CPL Technical Sales Is Launched

CPL Technical Sales Is Launched

Technical production and rental specialist Central Presentations Limited (CPL) has launched a new division – CPL Technical Sales - to focus on the sales of selected product lines, all of which CPL carries in its rental inventory.

CPL Technical Sales will be based at CPL’s facility in West Midlands, UK, headed by Sam Thomas. The aim is to cross-rent only to other professional AV / rental companies and organisations, in the process supporting the selected brands through CPL’s extensive working knowledge of them, providing fully comprehensive backup.

So far the list includes Analog Way, Avolites, Connex, Denon Professional, DPA Microphones, ETC, Extron, Fiberfox, Interspace Industries, Kramer, Lightware, Marantz, Panasonic Business, Sennheiser, Shure and Unicol. More will be added CPL Technical Sales develops its business.

CPL Technical Sales will also be in a position to support these manufacturers and brands by making kit available to end-clients in specific scenarios, e.g. like bridging any fluctuations in pre-purchase delivery / production schedules with rentals … enabling clients who have bought kit to have immediate access to it if needed, and ensuring that CPL’s stock always contains the latest products.

CPL’s Matthew Boyse (Max) explains, “This underlines our commitment to these brands. We already extensively evaluate and test any and all kit in which CPL invests and totally believe in the quality and value of these products. CPL Technical Sales will only sell what we know meets these tough standards”.

The formation of CPL Technical Sales also capitalises on the wide ranging experience built up by CPL and its technicians, engineers and crews over the years using kit from these manufacturers for a diversity of shows, events and applications. It cements a number of already close working relationships.

The initial list of manufacturers will be expanded - and remain fluid - as CPL makes future investments and further develops its own rental stock.

The new company will be linked to the set-up of a dedicated Training Centre which is planned when CPL moves into a new purpose-built warehouse and office space later in the year.

The intention is to create a training hub in the west Midlands, easily accessible for those from the north, east and west of the country and Wales, which will offer an ongoing programme of training initiatives plus brand awareness and product support.

Sam Thomas joined the CPL team after graduating from Birmingham University with a degree in Audio Technology and has worked his way up through the business, engaging in a variety of jobs and responsibilities in the process. He has a thorough and excellent product knowledge “and is perfect to front the new company” confirmed Max.

CPL Technical Sales is looking forward to dealing with anyone needing professional products – venues, colleges and other learning establishments, rental and production companies.

Max feels the market is highly competitive and price driven right now, and consequently one where good service and levels of knowledge can make a real difference in providing solutions, sharing and suggesting ideas with people. This is therefore integral to CPL Technical Sales’ goals.

Photo : CPL’s Matthew Boyce (Max) and Sam Thomas

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