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CPL Adds some Vroom Vroom LED Screen to Motorcycle Live show

CPL supplied 144 panels of their Roe CB5 LED screen to the Black Horse presentation stage in Hall 3 of the NEC, Birmingham, UK, for the Motorcycle Live 2018 expo... which featured nine days of action-packed interactive motorcycle madness for two wheeled owners, professionals and enthusiasts.

The stage offered a full-on schedule of presentations, competition winners, interviews, seminars and workshops and was sponsored by Lloyds Bank. It was the first time CPL had been involved in a Motorcycle Live show.

The crystal clear, high definition screen – a major new investment for CPL in 2018 – measured 24 metres (36 panels) wide, with a central 22 metre section, curving round at the edges. It was 3.6 metres (3 panels) high and delivered stunning images.

It was fitted into ROE’s carbon fibre Air Frames which provide a convenient, super lightweight all-in-one hanging, stacking and transportation solution designed for maximum efficiency in all production scenarios.

In fact, the get in and set up was so quick – the trucks drove into the hall, unloaded the screen panels in their special dollies which was built by the CPL crew led by Lee Gruszeckyj – that it all was rigged-and-ready in half the time of previous years!

“This is exactly what this screen and our system is designed to do” commented Lee.

Beneath the stage was a set of scenic panels with logos and other graphics, with a stage in front and a seated area for audience.

Roe is one of the top LED brands, renowned for its excellent engineering and innovative approach to product design. The 5mm pitch carbon-fibre CB5 panels measure 600 x 1200mm, are a slim 77mm thick, weigh just under 14kgs each and are ideal for a wide range of applications like this, where it stood out and helped attract people to the stage every time there was some activity.

It was running with Brompton SX40 4K processors and Brompton XD signal distribution and fed with a mix of playback content, provided by ITEC, and live images from a single camera channel also supplied by CPL – all routed through a Barco E2 system for general screen management.

Once the screen was built, it was left up-and-running for the duration of the event and then collected at the end of the expo.

Motorcycle Live 2018 was a massive success and enjoyed by over 100,000 bike fans as over 40 of the world’s leading manufacturers revealed some serious brand-new metal, and CPL was very excited to have been part of it!

Photos: Matt Mawdsley

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