Cosmic Truss Continues Growth Of U-Torm Product Range

The U-Torm system from Cosmic Truss which initially hit the market in 2014, now has an expanded range offering even greater flexibility in creating hanging positions for lighting, video projectors and other equipment.

Added to the system is the new U-Torm 100 and U-Top 100 which have been built to accommodate larger pieces of equipment including high output moving lights, larger loudspeaker, and video projectors and other AV equipment. With an open inside width of 39.3 inches / 1 meter, the U-Torm 100 uses the same simple and fast rigging techniques that make it suitable for both permanent and temporary or touring situations.

Cosmic Truss U-Torm 100 pictured with PRG Bad Boy fixtures

Allowing continued versatility for any designer, the U-Torm 50 and U-Torm 100 can be configured together in a multitude of different set-ups, and customized add-on’s can be created using standard off the shelf product from Cosmic Truss’ extensive range of adaptors and pipes, which all fit seamlessly together.

As a system, the U-Torm is a new, flexible solution to the problem of suspending drop fixtures and finding tormentor positions, in a completely modular solution. Designers across the country have been finding innovative uses for the system on everything from large scale TV shows, festivals, corporate events and in fact anywhere where they needed a bit more flexibility.

All U-Torm brackets and components are available in a natural aluminum, or black finish as standard, but other colors can be provided on request. U-Torm products are available from Cosmic Truss rental companies and dealers across the country.

For assistance in locating your local dealer or rental company, please contact Cosmic Truss on (818) 767 8899 or visit their website at

Picture attached: The new U-Torm 100 from Cosmic Truss, fitted with the PRG Bad Boy fixture.

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