Coming To America: The Novalight Nova-Scope

A First Look at Novalight's Newest Product: The Nova-Scope

Italian lighting manufacturer, Novalight, introduces its latest moving light fixture: the Nova-Scope; now sold, supported, and serviced in North America by the entertainment equipment distribution company DNJ Pro.

Novalight’s Nova-Scope is a weatherproof aerial effect light that can withstand all weather conditions.

Using the HTI 2000W/D7/60 lamp combined with a unique approach to reflector setup, the Nova-Scope provides an extremely high output light, delivering stunning aerial effects.

This large scale effect light, while best suited for the largest entertainment environments, is still suitable for all forms of live performance.

Encompassing superior components and build quality, the Novalight Nova-Scope can tolerate the harshest of production environments.

With a seven option gobo wheel, a never-before-seen kaleido wheel effect, shutter, dimmer, and strobe effects, six colors, white, and CMY color mixing, all packed into a 17 channel DMX 512 RDM solution, precision is at your fingertips.

Novalight’s Nova Scope can be purchased for any event or attraction in North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) from DNJ Pro.

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