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Claypaky CEO Marcus Graser and Behind the Scenes board member Tobin Neis after Graser initiated a wire transfer to BTS in front of the assembled crowd.

Claypaky Presents Donation to Behind the Scenes at the 2019 KOI-USA Awards

In front of a room filled with industry professionals at the recent 2019 Knight of Illumination USA Awards, Claypaky continued their long-standing commitment to supporting Behind the Scenes by presenting a $5,000 donation. Doing away with the old-fashioned check presentation however, the screens showed Claypaky CEO Marcus Graser initiating a wire transfer.

Graser commented, “We are honored to offer our small contribution to Behind the Scenes. This organization can really change people’s lives and we are glad to support it.”

Board member Tobin Neis who represented the charity said, “Behind the Scenes thanks Claypaky for their continued generous contribution to the charity. It is support like this from organizations, companies and individuals that allows us to continue to provide financial assistance to our entertainment technology colleagues in need due to serious illness or injury, or for mental health counseling. By presenting the donation at the KOI awards ceremony it helps to spread the message about the charity to an important community.”

The Behind the Scenes charity provides entertainment technology professionals who are seriously ill or injured with grants that may be used for basic living and medical expenses. For more information about Behind the Scenes, to donate, or to apply for a grant, visit For more information about the Pledge-of-Support Program please contact

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