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City Theatrical Introduces Projector Hanger

Used to hang projection equipment from a vertical pipe, City Theatrical’s Projector Hanger enables easy removal and replacement of projectors without having to unscrew the pipe coupling.

City Theatrical has expanded its brand of hardware for professional lighting to include Projector Hanger, a device that enables easy removal and replacement of professional projection equipment from vertical pipes.

Developed to eliminate the need to manually twist heavy projector equipment around mounting pipes, City Theatrical’s Projector Hanger makes connecting vertical pipes to projectors safer and more efficient at height. It’s one-motion lock-in mechanism can hold up to 200 lbs. of projection equipment hanging straight down from 1½” schedule 40 steel pipe and allows equipment relocation or removal without having to unscrew the pipe coupling.

City Theatrical’s Projector Hanger utilizes a simple installation process, which requires a pipe wrench for initial threading of the hanger’s components to the pipe and pipe coupling mounted to the projector. Then the product’s Tee Head can be inserted into the Tee Slot and the Knurled Tightening Knob can be tightened manually. A Rubber Clip is included to prevent any loosening due to vibration.

City Theatrical’s Projector Hanger is constructed with Aluminum and Steel, spans 4.85” in height and 2.625” in diameter, and weighs 3 lbs.

To get started with Projector Hanger or other hardware products by City Theatrical, contact a City Theatrical Dealer.

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