Chroma-Q Studio Force II. Models: 72, 48 and 12

Chroma-Q Unveils Studio Force II, Natural Choice for Studio Lighting

Chroma-Q®, a world-renowned brand of premium performance LED lighting solutions, manufactured in North America, introduces the new Chroma-Q® Studio Force II™, a high intensity tuneable white wash light will make its North American tradeshow debut at Cine Gear, June 1-2, 2018.

Using a homogenised LED source capable of delivering variable color temperature, plus/minus green shift control and the ability to produce deep saturated colors when needed, the Studio Force II is specifically designed for TV Broadcast and film applications. It also performs particularly well in other situations demanding high quality tuneable white light such as touring key lights, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre lighting. The Studio Force II uses the same ColorSure™ technologies found in other innovative Chroma-Q fixtures to deliver consistent color across fixtures.

The Chroma-Q booth will also display award-winning products such as the Color Force II™ RGBA LED cyclorama, wash & effects light, the Inspire™ RGBW color-mixing house lighting range and the Space Force™ tuneable white LED soft light.

Visit Chroma-Q in the A.C. Lighting Inc. both S108, for your demonstration. Alternatively, go to for more information and to find your nearest Chroma-Q dealer.

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Studio Force II and Color Force II patents pending.

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