Chauvet Professional Rogues Help Saloon At Calhoun Move Into Music

Chauvet Professional Rogues Help Saloon At Calhoun Move Into Music

BROOKFIELD, WI – (For Immediate Release) – – “Change before you have to,” legendary business leader Jack Welch once advised.  In all likelihood the former head of GE wasn’t thinking of bacon-wrapped brownies or lively rock bands with killer light shows when he dispensed this advice, but nevertheless he probably would appreciate the way the Saloon at Calhoun reinvented itself to grow its business. 

An institution as a sports bar in the Milwaukee area, the Saloon expanded its appeal by becoming a welcoming haven for bacon and music enthusiasts.  Now in addition to sports on a plethora of  big screen TVs, the spacious venue offers a “Bacon Happy Hour” with beverages like bacon-infused Bloody Mar’s, as well as five weekly concerts by local and touring bands performing under the lights of an all-CHAUVET Professional rig designed by Aaron Zimmerman of Proline Entertainment. 

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the live performance by the customers here,” said LD Glenn Ottenbacher of AGS Productions. “The stage isn’t big. It’s 16’ wide and 15’ deep, but we want to create an exciting concert-like atmosphere. We then flew six Rogue R1 Spots and four Rogue R1 Washes on overhead truss to give us looks that transform the whole room. We get some great aerial effects from the spots’ prism, and the washes’ zoom gives us some great coverage.”

For special concerts and open houses, Ottenbacher beefs up the club’s rig to create an even wider array of looks. “We recently had UPRISING, a popular band in this area, in for an event and brought in an extra six Rogue R2 washes and six Legend 230SR Beams for their brightness (an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters) and rapid pan/tilt movements.”

Ottenbacher flew the Legend fixtures on 15’ of truss he ran across the upstage area. “I had four of the 230SR Beams on top of the truss, fitting them between the six Rouge R1 Spots flown from the ceiling,” he said. “I also had two of the Legend beams on the upstage deck for aerial effects and I hung the six Rogue R2 Washes under the truss for audience lighting.”

The biggest challenge facing the LD was to fit his beefed-up rig on the small stage with a five-piece band. “Space was an issue,” he said. “Fortunately the Chauvet fixtures are compact, which helped a lot.

“At the end of the open house, the owner of the Saloon thanked me and praised the lightshow for creating such a great atmosphere,” continued Ottenbacher.  “The intensity and smooth movement of the Chauvet fixtures played off very well against the band, which is known for their four-part harmonies, blazing guitars and thundering rhythm section. I think the performance and the lightshow put a stamp on the Saloon at Calhoun as a music venue – not just a sports bar with great bacon dishes.”

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