Chauvet Professional Raves At Belgium’s Dance D Vision Festival

Chauvet Professional Raves At Belgium’s Dance D Vision Festival

Flanders, Belgium – (For Immediate Release) -- Belgium has long been famous for its brewing and chocolate-making traditions. Recently the country added another activity to its list of attractions, as a palette of summer dance music festivals have put it firmly on Europe‘s EDM map. Among the most dynamic of these festivals is Dance D Vision, which drew 60,000 fans this year.

Taking place in the Flemish speaking Flanders region, this two-day event featured world renowned DJs and artists such as Topradio, R3hab, Nervo, Yves V, New World Sound, DIMARO, Regi and Vato Gonzalez performing on different stages. Lighting Designer Vincent de Schinckel supported the performances of these world-class artists with quick-moving light shows anchored by a collection of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Recognizing that speed is essential to capturing the mood of EDM, the LD flew 12 Legend 330SR Spot movers on downstage truss over the festival’s main stage. Swiftly sweepng the stage with copious volmes of intense colors, the Legend fixtures created a stunning aray of high-octane looks to accompany the incendiary DJ and artist sets.

De Schinckel also relied on a variety of crisp gobos, as well as looks from the Legend’s 3-faceted prism to reflect different moods evoked by the performances without sacrificing speed or intensity. “I had seen the Legends in action at an event earlier in the year and was enthusiastic about the light output and the colors of the fixture,“ said the LD.“I decided to put them at the top of the stage for the best output and to make the most of the stunning prism effects. The fixtures were also bright enough to be used in broad daylight, which is one of the primary factors to take into consider when designing an outdoor summer festival.”

On the other stage, CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2 Washes were distributed evenly above and to the side of the stage to wash the performers in vibrant colors, while at the same time covering the area with rapidly moving beam-like effects. The beam looks were relatively easy to create, said de Schinckel, thanks to the Rogue’s 12°-49° zoom range.

The color rendering capabilities of the Rogue R2 Wash fixtures also came in for praise from de Schinckel. “We used the Rogues to cover the stage in beautiful color. The color mixing and the speed of the fixture’s movements were ideal for the festival stage,“ said the LD. “These versatile colors and the zoom of the fixture ensured that we could create a variety of interesting looks for the different acts. The Rogues ensured that the artists were lit with intense and varying color combinations. The festival organizers and the performers were overwhelmingly positive about the overall lighting design, which was our number one goal.“

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