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BMW MINI Dealership

Chauvet Professional At BMW MINI Dealership

ROESELARE, BELGIUM – (For Immediate Release) – Traditionally, the opening of an automobile showroom involves a few signs, along with some balloons and inflatables. When the new BMW MINI Dejonckheere opened its doors, however, it called on Belgian design firm Présence to help it treat customers to an altogether different, more exciting and more contemporary experience that included an EDM afterparty. 

Along with enjoying the evening’s festivities, the 1,700 guests in attendance were dazzled by the sleek, contemporary permanent features of the showroom itself, which like the party, were accented by a stunning lighting design. Created by Présence, working with designer Dieter Ducoulombier and project manager Ozzy Vandevoorde from its technical partner Solico, the lighting design was anchored by an impressive collection of CHAUVET Professional WELL Fit, Rogue and ÉPIX fixtures. 

A breathtaking 10,000 square meter venue with expansive glass walls and a three-story “MINI Tower,” the new dealership presents an impressive sight to visitors. The facility’s ample open spaces afford a sweeping view of the showroom, engendering a sense of freedom and limitless possibilities. 

However, the same features that make the dealership so welcoming and remarkable to visitors also presented special challenges to designers at the grand opening event. “Our challenge was to extend the atmosphere throughout the entire venue, even with all the glass surfaces,” said Isabel D’Hulster, Business Manager of Présence. “A second challenge, not to be underestimated, was to minimize the use of cabling throughout the building, because of the venue’s size.”

The WELL Fit uplighting fixture was a key part of the solution that helped the design team meet this challenge. Approximately 300 of the battery-powered RGBA fixtures were positioned at points throughout the showroom, at a see-though party tent, and on the patio roof, where they uplighted concrete pillars.

“From the patio, visitors could enter different event rooms,” said D’Hulster. “We had a white Premium Showroom that had a combination of white concrete walls, black metal beams and glass. Then there was the MINI Tower that was  a combination of gray concrete walls, black metal beams and glass. The third room was connected by a corridor made completely out of glass and reflective black metal. We also had a car body room, which has a very high ceiling. Throughout all these different environments, the WELL Fits ensured that we had a continuous flowing look with variations of blues, carefully chosen to match the particular surface material they reflect on.”

Adding to the atmosphere of the event were the 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures positioned in the facility’s outdoor domes. Pointed upward, they created powerful aerial effects, their columns of light forming a “corridor” that led up to the reception tent.  

In the Boiler Room, where the afterparty featuring DJ Tim Grand took place, the atmosphere was enlivened with 24 Rogue R1 Spot and 24 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, as well as four risers outlined with ÉPIX Strip IP units. The party provided visitors with a memorable experience. So too did the entire display at BMW MINI Dejonckheere. Together, they let everyone know that this was a dealership committed to making its customers feel special.


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