Calibre LEDView400 Scaler/Switcher Hits The Road Calibre LEDView400 scaler/switcher hits the road

Calibre LEDView400 Scaler/Switcher Hits The Road

Munich-based live music band, Nachtstark needed to look no further than the LEDView400 scaler-switcher.

To create outstanding live musical performances incorporating visuals, text, social media feeds, video and exciting audio, Munich-based live music band, Nachtstark needed to look no further than the LEDView400 scaler-switcher for its giant onstage LED video backdrop. 

Bass guitarist and programmer Alexander Funk of Nachtstark has taken his experience in the IT sector working for Ritterwerk GmbH into the live music scene. 

Alexander Funk explained: “For each performance, photographs and messages are dynamically displayed along with countdowns. We use the Calibre UK LEDView400 for integration of sponsor advertising, logos and agency information.

“The LEDView400 solved the unusual 320px x 192px format of our LED video wall. The second challenge was scaling of TV or camera formats and scaling to 48px (320x240 standard size) for a PC signal with no black bars or distortion. For this purpose, the LEDView400 is ideal.”

“With the help of LEDView400 it is now possible using a DVB-C / T / S receivers for live video of audiences and band members and transfer on to our LED wall and insert with a camera and HDMI Wireless system along with PC feeds using MADRIX software.”

The LEDView400 is capable of performing the roles of routing switcher and universal interface in a single, compact 1U box. It can connect HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI, composite, S-Video, component, and SVGA video sources. HQV algorithms will remove picture noise from poor-quality SD video sources, while the de-interlacing reduces image flicker and artifacts. Drag-and-drop capability offers picture resizing to fit the connected LED screen.

And the last word goes to Funk who said: “We installed the LEDView400 and it started working right way. It runs without issue. A lot of our gigs are done under time pressure so naturally it’s very important that handling of video and PC inputs for LED display are just as easy – the LEDView400 does just that!”


·      EPV762 Elation LED Panel (5x3, 320px x 192px)

·      Elation EPVVSC controller

·      Sony HXR-NX30E

·      IDX CW1JT spark gap HDMI

·      DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T Receiver

·      Windows PC

·      Calibre UK LEDView400

·      MADRIX software

·      Nachtstark .Net program software


For more information about Nachtstark GbR, please visit

About Calibre

Multi-award winning British company, Calibre has over the past 27 years achieved world recognition providing image scaling and processing technologies for use in broadcast/television, digital cinema, large venue projection, LED videowalls and surgical medical applications.  Calibre manufactures products under its own brand-names as well as providing products and technology to several market leaders in the Pro-AV market worldwide. Calibre is a market leader in innovation, utilizing its own, UK & Germany-based in-house hardware and software design teams for all its product developments and its own UK manufacturing.

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