BlackTrax Supports Several Partners At NAB

Join BlackTrax at NAB 2018 who is partnering with several technology companies showcasing a variety of real-time tracking integrations, ranging from camera and talent tracking and sync between background graphics responding live to camera position and orientation!

BlackTrax can be found at:

·       Panasonic (C3607) – tracking of PTZ cameras and performers.

·       Mark Roberts Motion Control (C6019) – integrated in robotic camera systems.

·       Ross Video (SL3305) – CGI and camera positioning and syncing of graphics.

BlackTrax is a vision-based tracking system that connects to a range of third party applications that accept the RTTrPM open protocol. Deployed in over 8,000 projects globally including the
Queen + Adam Lambert tour through Cirque du Soleil and the Eurovision Song Contest to major product launches and televised opening ceremonies.

“We’re supporting our partners innovations at NAB,” said Andrew Gordon, Director of Business Development. “Visitors are encouraged to bring us your questions and ideas. We will gladly assist and demonstrate a wide range of possibilities that BlackTrax can solve.”

Sign up at:

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