Bandit Lites Grows Inventory with Elation Gear Purchase

Bandit Lites expands its touring inventory with a hefty Elation gear buy.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Bandit Lites has launched into 2018 by purchasing hundreds of new fixtures for its extensive touring inventory including Elation SIXPAR 100-IP, SIXBAR 1000-IP and PALADIN fixtures.

Bandit Lites supplied the new Elation SIXPAR 100-IP and SIXBAR 1000-IP fixtures for Nashville’s annual New Year’s Eve celebration, and lighting designer Erik Parker utilized Elation Paladins, as the fixtures were ideal for the unforeseeable weather conditions.

“We focused on getting IP rated fixtures throughout the site for reliability in potentially wet conditions,” said Parker. “Fortunately it was dry, but very cold and still every fixture held up! We had a ton of Elation Paladins lighting different areas all over the place and they killed it. They’re bright and the colors were very vibrant.”

In addition to it’s IP65 rated strobe, the Paladin Hybrid also includes a motorized zoom, manual tilt adjustment, pixel zone control, 64 color presets and 15 unique color macros.

"The Paladin Hybrid will be a great addition to our arsenal,” said Bandit’s Director of Technical services, Jake Tickle. “The high output feature set and IP rating put this fixture in its own class."

Elation’s SIXBAR 1000-IP features twelve, 6-in-1 RGBAW and UV LEDs with 100,000 average hour LED life. The bar includes a 30-degree beam angle, control over each individual LED along with a variable dimming curve modes, strobe and chase effects while the SIXPAR 100-IP features seven 6-in-1 RGBAW and UV LEDs, a 15-degree beam and 25-degree field angles, along with electronic strobe and dimming, 5 variable dimming curve modes, and remote device management for flexibility.

About Bandit Lites, Inc.

Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace.  From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. Bandit’s global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you.  More information available at

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