Bandit And C3 Presents Light 2017 NFL Draft Experience

C3 Presents tasked Bandit Lites to once again provide critical lighting to multiple areas of the 2017 NFL Draft.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – More than 80 years after the inaugural drafting of football players in 1936, the NFL Draft returned again to the Philadelphia for a weekend celebrating the newest additions to fans’ favorite teams. C3 Presents once again tasked Bandit Lites to provide critical lighting throughout the NFL Draft experience, including real time team colors for the Entrance Portal, NFL Museum, two fountain areas and the exteriors of the Draft Theater and the Philadelphia Art Museum.

“Every year I am in amazed of how C3 Presents takes the NFL experience from concept to reality,” said Bandit’s Client Representative Shawn Lear. “This year was especially impressive given each day of the draft was held entirely outdoors (a first for the league), in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum and the legendary Rocky Steps. C3 Senior Production Manager Brandon Sossamon and his team are responsible for the overall production of the event, and is who Bandit works with directly.”

The second the clock started on the NFL team making its decision and announcing that round’s pick for the upcoming season, Bandit illuminated critical lighting areas to the representing team’s colors, including the NFL Draft Entrance Portal, where more than 250,000 fans streamed through to experience the NFL Draft, making it the most attended Draft in history. Bandit provided GLP X4S, Bandit’s exclusive GRNLite LED Pars, SGM G-4 Wash and VL6000 Beam fixtures.

“The GRNLite Pars and GLP X4S acted as the workhorse wash fixtures, providing the majority of the structure area in team colors, while the VL6000 Beams were mounted on top of the 30’ portal with aerial team colors,” said Lear. “SGM G-4 Washes provided the key lighting for hanging sponsorship banners and the NFL Crest.”

Additional spaces lit by Bandit included the NFL Museum Tent, where GRNLite LED pars and GRNLite Moving Washes bathed the space and ceilings with the corresponding team’s colors, Outside the massive Draft Theatre, Bandit supplied VL6000 Beams to light fountains and Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 IP fixtures to light the exterior walls of both the Theatre and columns of the Art Museum.

“These fixtures love the outdoors and provide an impressive architectural wash, featuring two lens degree options for a seamless transition from the lower building wall up ninety feet,” said Lear.  

Three Grand MA 2 full consoles controlled the critical lighting under the direction of Bandit Lites own Teresa Fensler, who updated each desk with the teams’ color palettes and directed cues via headset in real time following information from the Draft’s broadcast director. More support was provided by Andy Knighton, who supplied programming and execution for the Entrance Portal, Nikki Dotson, who handled the NFL Museum, and John Lucksinger and Sam Morgan who offered their expertise and ensured all systems operated soundly.

“Our part of the process is a sliver of what is done on a daily basis starting four weeks before the gates open, and the C3 team is always thorough and clear as to the direction of the project,” finished Lear. “The communication, build schedules, contacts, or questions can all be handled with web-based, real time access practically 24/7. We would like to thank Brandon, Production Coordinator Alison Ray and Labor Coordinator Shawn Worlow once again, for their professional experience and Bandit’s involvement with C3 Presents.”

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