Ascender 48 - 4L - PL Performed At National Congress Of CREA

Ascender 48 - 4L - PL Performed At National Congress Of CREA

The national congress of CREA, the Argentina Association of Regional Consortia for Agricultural Experimentation, took place at La Rural, the largest convention and exhibition center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This 5th edition of the Congress called “The Re-evolution of your company” gathered together more than 7, 500 attendees.

To manage the audiovisual backdrop, CREA contracted Congress Rental, an Argentinian company that has provided high standard AV services for the last 40 years and is dedicated to creating outstanding scenography every time. Congress Rental Director Joaquin de Elias had this to say about the audiovisual set up, “For this latest edition, CREA required to have a display that would showcase many high-resolution graphics in a dynamic and hyper-connected ambiance.”

Congress Rental created a 98m wide projection through 16 LED walls of different formats along with three 15x5m screens in edge blending configuration. Ten WUXGA Barco video projectors displayed all the content; among these, six were allocated to the blending.

To feed the screens, Congress Rental chose the Ascender 48 – 4K – PL, a powerful multi-screen seamless switcher based on the LiveCoreTM platform. Joaquin de Elias comments on this choice, “The reason why we chose the Ascender 48 – 4K – PL is simple. We needed a switcher that could support multiple sources in different resolutions - 4K, 2K and full HD - and output them to a variety of screens.” Through the Ascender 48 – 4K – PL combined with the Web RCS, Congress Rental easily managed the multi-layer configuration including pictures, videos and presentations, and the conversion into the 1920x1080 and 3840x1080 output formats due to the specific screen resolutions. Live content, provided by four full HD cameras, had to be displayed accurately to ensure the speaker matched with the image on the screen or the audio feed. Joaquin de Elias comments on the latency, “Latency plays a primary role in this kind of event that includes live content. It is mandatory that the switcher offers ultra-low latency to guarantee high level presentations.”

The Director of Congress Rental adds that the Ascender 48 – 4K – PL was chosen because of its seamless capability required for such a significant congress. Indeed, CREA was looking for an excellent quality of switching that matched the expected quality of the presentations and audiences. Having true seamless transitions without any loss of synchronization was a must - a feature only Analog Way could offer.

Besides the Ascender 48 – 4K – PL, Congress Rental selected a Saphyr, a multi-layer mixer seamless switcher based on the MidraTM platform to output to the numerous screens and a Pulse², based on the MidraTM platform to feed the private monitors. As for the control, presets were operated through the Shot Box.

In conclusion, Joaquin de Elias states, “It is a pleasure to work with such quality equipment where you can be sure your event is going to run as smoothly as it is supposed to.”

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