Artist Simply Human Shines With High End Systems Gear

Artist Simply Human Shines With High End Systems Gear

For the past five years, Artist Simply Human’s innovative dance convention tour has traveled North America and Mexico, providing an unequaled dance experience that challenges and inspires dancers as artists. Held this year at the Swan Hotel in Walt Disney World, ASH’s ‘Dance Project’ national summer event relied on LED technology from High End Systems for spectacular visual support on the production.
Lighting designer Bill Quirk Jr. has worked with the organization since its inception, and currently pulls double duty as ASH's Production Manager and Lighting Director/Designer. Quirk specified SHAPESHIFTER C1’s and SolaSpot Pro CMYs to highlight the dancers and performance space in the Swan Hotel, creating a high energy and color rich environment for ‘Dance Project’. The High End Systems gear was supplied by Stage Life Productions and Main Light Industries. Stage Life Productions also provided the local labor for setup and breakdown for this event, and help support ASH while on tour. 
Quirk placed eight SHAPESHIFTERs on the upstage rig. He comments, “Last Year I had four SHAPESHIFTER C2’s to try out, and I fell in love with them instantly. For this event, I knew I wanted to add more instruments and go with the C1’s to make these my primary LED light on the upstage rig. They not only created magnificent looks, but also serious eye candy. They gave me many options - from the colors to where the modules were directed. I was able to create endless amounts of amazing looks from these eight fixtures. The SHAPESHIFTER’s performance is out of this world. The C1 is such a unique fixture and the output is very impressive and powerful; I think its one of the most powerful LED fixtures currently available. Like all HES fixtures the SHAPESHIFTER is definitely built for the touring industry.” 
He continues, “Due to time constraints I used the SHAPESHIFTERs in reduced channel mode - I loved their built in macros. I was able to do it on the fly with ease, even when something was thrown at me ten seconds before a performance. Some of my favorite looks were achieved by using the macros and chases built into the fixture.” 
Quirk also incorporated eight SolaSpot Pro CMYs in his design. He says, “It was my first time to use the Pro CMYs, and I was excited to try them in my rig. I found them to be quite bright but not power hungry at all due to their LED source. The color wheel and the intensity create vivid looks, and the gobo wheel had great break-ups which helped me create some cool looks.”
The LD also used four Studio Spot 575 fixtures at FOH for special spot cues in the audience, gobo projection and effects lighting for classes and shows. He comments, “These 575s may be old but are still one of a kind, and built very well to last!”
In closing, Bill adds, “I want to thank ASH's Production team - Ed, Brandon, Scotty and Jordan. These guys toured with me this past year and have been great additions to our crew at ASH. Their specialty may not be lighting, but they worked with my light plot and with the local crew provided by Stage Life Productions to help get everything up, assigned and working. 
“The Director for ASH has always been thrilled with my work in the past and this year was no different. He loves how I bring my rock and roll background into the dance world, as it gives their events a distinct feature. He also likes that I find a way to keep it under budget with some of the top lighting fixtures out on the market today.”
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