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ArKaos Launches Latest MediaMaster 5.5 Start To Upgrade

ArKaos, the leading real-time visual processing technology provider for live performance and multiple spectacular displays, releases the latest upgrade to its flagship MediaMaster 5 real-time video control software platform v 5.5.1.

Innovation to the fore, ArKaos has made this new version available in time for the peak of the festival season, and all existing ArKaos users can download it free at:

…  and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Version 5.5.1 adds new Blending and Playback Modes plus new Aspect Ratio options.

The new Blending modes include Difference, Exclusion, Darken, Lighten, Screen and Overlay, individually offering an exciting expanded range of stylistic dynamics for video and visual operation which is ideal for all live scenarios and especially multi-artist events.

With the new Playback mode, visual designers and operators can now separate the dimmer intensity from the playback behaviour of the clip / content source … for additional flexibility and even more imaginative breadth.

New Aspect Ratio possibilities enable the playback layer to be set to 1:1 filling an output space [BB1] with no stretching or distortion … once the layer is set as 1:1 it can easily be moved into the output using the usual positional X and Y parameters.

While some of these additional features are created specifically for festivals, live music concerts and outdoor events, there are many others ideal for a wide range of other / alternative professional visual applications – from corporate launches to theatre productions ... anywhere where video is being used creatively.

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