ArKaos expands North American distribution network

ArKaos Expands North American Network

Leading media and real-time visual processing specialist ArKaos announces the expansion of its US distribution network … with the appointment of Elation Lighting Inc. based in Los Angeles, California, as a new distributor for the U.S. and Mexico.

The move comes with a general evolution and widening of ArKaos’s product range which includes innovative control products like MediaMaster, a range of video servers  for live shows, GrandVJ for clubs and the new cloud-based An-Ki which is specifically designed for ‘architainment’ applications. With the ongoing diversification of our product range, ArKaos wants to become established in the segments like architecture, architainment, churches and houses of worship, television and broadcast.

ArKaos’ Managing Director Agnes Wojewoda stated, “Elation is a well-established independently owned company with an excellent base, track-record and contacts network.

The move adds a new and exciting dynamic to ArKaos’ strategies geared to harnessing the power and potential of the North American market.

Existing ArKaos US customers will continue to be supplied and supported by A.C. Lighting Inc. who will also continue to distribute the ArKaos brand exclusively in Canada.

A.C. Lighting Inc. and Elation have already been working in tandem for some time to distribute selected ArKaos products, as Elation has offered ArKaos MediaMasterExpress software since 2013 and has started to integrate ArKaos’s stable and effective Kling-Net protocol into many of its own-brand lighting products.

Elation will now be promoting, distributing and servicing all ArKaos PRO’s video server range plus ArKaos MediaMaster software.

This new expansion will ensure that ArKaos products are directly accessible to lighting and visual designers, rental companies and all ArKaos customers and enthusiasts.

This new agreement effectively rubber stamps an existing arrangement designed to open and explore more opportunities across a greater range of entertainment sectors for the power, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of all ArKaos media control solutions.

ArKaos will be present on the booths of both AC Lighting and Elation at InfoComm 2018 next week in Las Vegas.

About ArKaos

ArKaos is a leading provider of real-time visual processing technologies for live performances and spectacular displays of all types.

Founded in 1996, the company is dedicated to developing visual synthesizers that integrate and synchronize video and music, using video surfaces and mapped LED devices as powerful creative tools across multiple applications.

ArKaos offers some of the most versatile and scalable visual 'ecosystem' technology on the market and is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation without compromising quality, power and flexibility ... underlining the brand's fundamental DNA of simplicity and affordability.

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