Ambiances Design Productions Uses ILUMINARC In Transformation Of Buffalo’s Canalside Grain Elevators

Ambiances Design Productions Uses ILUMINARC In Transformation Of Buffalo’s Canalside Grain Elevators

BUFFALO, NY – (For Immediate Release) – For more than a century, massive grain elevators have dominated the canal side of New York State’s second largest city. Today, these structures have taken on a new and vibrant life that celebrates Buffalo’s rich industrial tradition as well as its bright future, thanks to The KALEIDOSCOPE, a dynamic lighting art project by Ambiances Design Productions and Foit-Albert Associates.


A 360° kinetic installation, The KALEIDOSCOPE is a contemplative public artwork that artistically interprets the seasons as seen through the lens of a kaleidoscope. Every season is represented in sequences that evolve with color changes, movements and texture projections icons that change in intensity and optical distortions as if viewed through kaleidoscope. The colorful, fully automated display runs throughout the year from sunset to 11 pm and changes to reflect each season on a daily basis.


A total of 554 luminaires distributed in 5 different types were used in The KALEIDOSCOPE. Almost all of the fixtures (545) have LED technology. Included in this group are 197 RGBW Ilumipod 54g2 IP fixtures from the ILUMINARC division of Chauvet.  The Ilumipods are positioned on the top and bottom of each silo in the grain elevator.


“The Ilumipod fixtures were approved for their light output and dimming curve quality,” said Martin Gagnon, creative director of Ambiances Design Productions.  “We also were confident in the product and brand reliability of ILUMINARC from our past experience working with the line on our Aurora Borealis project in Quebec City.”


Officially launched on November 4, 2015, at 18:30, The KALEIDOSCOPE is part of a master plan developed in 2012 to enhance and illuminate the industrial heritage of Buffalo’s grain silos. Ambiances Design Productions and Foit-Albert Associates have been developing the project since 2013.  The project was initiated by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation and funded by the New York Power Authority (NYPA). Under the artistic direction led by Ambiances Design Productions, Foit Albert Associates acted as the architect and lead consultant for the design team.


"We were thrilled to present this first Buffalo artistic enlightenment project called The KALEIDOSCOPE," said Gagnon. "Our team was very honored and proud to be part of the revitalization era that occurs in Buffalo, using art, and to contribute in our own way through our creative vision for public urban revitalization. We hope that this unique lighting installation on grain silos will inspire the community and tourists alike that Buffalo is a modern and evolving city. We believe that this night transformation of the Connecting Terminal into a light beacon will not only enhance the visitor experience at Canalside, but mostly that it will become part of the new nocturnal signature of Buffalo and help regain his former title as the ‘City of Light .’“


The main objectives behind The KALEIDOSCOPE project are:


  1. Make the best possible use of a public space and unique canvas.
  2. Create an atmosphere through the use of light.
  3. Contribute to the Canalside and Buffalo revitalization through the use of art.
  4. Increase public appreciation of Buffalo’s industrial heritage.
  5. Pair a vibrant cultural experience with nighttime entertainment.
  6. Provide a dynamic, artistic, world-class attraction.


 Judging from the response to this stunning and ever-changing work of light art, The KALEIDOSCOPE is well on its way to achieving the vision of its creators.


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AMBIANCES DESIGN PRODUCTIONS is specialized in the design of multimedia environments and offers distinctive experiences for the arts, architecture and museums. While Aurora Borealis (Quebec), Urban Salon at Place des Arts (Montreal) and the Enchanted Forest (xxx) are among their major achievements, the company led by Martin Gagnon is also illustrated on projects such as Dubai International Film Festival and the flow Reflective Qatar. "Light is a passion because both intangible and pliable. His transforming power and its underestimated impact on emotion inspires me,’ simply explains Martin Gagnon.



• Art direction and lighting design: Ambiances Design Productions

• Architect: Foit Albert Associates

• Electrical Engineer: Ramtech

• Electrical contractor: Frey Electric Construction Co.

• General contractor: Hohl Industrial Services

• Lighting agency: Lightspec


ILUMINARC® is an architectural lighting company specializing in efficient dynamic lighting, including linear, pod and panel luminaires, and control systems. ILUMINARC® seeks to inspire and empower designers and architects to visually enhance outdoor and indoor environments through the use of lighting. For more general information, please visit

About Chauvet
Chauvet, headquartered in the USA, is a leading global manufacturer of professional luminaires, truss and related equipment, fulfilling the needs of various industry sectors. Chauvet has four main brands: CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, ILUMINARC® and TRUSST®. They share Chauvet’s unified strategy to pursue every market segment where it has a competitive advantage in terms of value, innovation and performance, with an emphasis on LED technology. For more information, please visit .


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