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All Access Announces Pandemic Support Strategy

The world is in the midst of a crisis, a pandemic of proportions not seen in over a century. This highly contagious infection strains every sector of our society, with none more impacted than the medical community.  

While many businesses have been mandated to temporarily close their doors, All Access Staging & Productions is working diligently to provide temporary structures at the city, state, and federal level, to aid the medical community’s efforts in combatting COVID-19. All Access wants to take its 30 years of experience creating rapid deployment structures for television, concert touring, festivals, and sporting events and refocus that experience on creating medical support facilities wherever they are needed.  

All Access has the design capabilities and equipment necessary to take the needs of our local communities and supply them with the temporary facilities for medical care, testing stations, disability access ramps and lifts, temporary access barriers, and any associated medical temporary infrastructure.

While we are pursuing all available avenues to help support the efforts to address this deadly virus, we cannot do this alone. If anyone reading this is involved in national emergency relief that believes our products and services can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact: We would be honored to have our expertise be put to use helping our community persevere this devastating pandemic.  

We are very fortunate in our industry to be surrounded by companies and personnel that are burgeoning with creativity, ingenuity, and determination; it comes with the territory of the travelling show business. We will do everything in our power to connect our talented and diverse industry colleagues with the contacts we establish for emergency needs, so that they too can help get the world back to normal as soon as possible. It is times like these that test our fortitude and reveal the underlying unity of the human spirit. We at All Access send our love and support to you and your families, and have complete confidence that together, we will prevail. 

Read more on the All Access blog, and click through the slideshow to renderings of crisis response tents and testing stations.

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