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ZFX launches automation, adds new dimension to flying effects

Louisville, Ky. -- ZFX Flying Effects announced today a strategic alliance with Stage Technologies, based in Las Vegas, to offer automated solutions for productions that require more complex flying sequences. ZFX will add award-winning products from Stage Technologies, including hoists and control systems, to its roster of complete flying services.

Adding automation to the company's offerings is part of an overall change in direction and coincides with hiring Joe Champelli as ZFX's new General Manager. An automation and machinery design expert, Champelli will spearhead the development and implementation of automated technology and products.

“Automation provides greater precision and versatility to the artistic flying effects for which ZFX is already known,” says Champelli. “The blend of our artistic experience and Stage Tech's reputation and reliability in motion controlled flying equipment makes an ideal union.”

Automated control systems allow ZFX to achieve more complex, dynamic flying sequences. In addition to single point and travel compensated flying, ZFX now offers integrated pendulum and multipoint 3-dimensional flying. Higher speeds, repeatability and consistency in flying sequences are also advantages to automated flying effects.

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to work with the team at ZFX, whose experience and reputation we have known for many years,” says Nikki Scott Commercial Director of Stage Technologies. “Our companies share similar values and both believe in supplying systems and service which exceed our customers' expectations. The range of equipment and expertise now available from ZFX as a result of this alliance with Stage Technologies provides end-users a complete range of flying effects.”

ZFX will continue to offer the company's tried-and-true, custom harnesses, manual equipment, track, truss and other system components as well as standard aerial hoists. Automation now rounds out the company's capabilities, making ZFX a one-stop shop for live flying effects.

For more information about ZFX's specialty items or automated flying effects, visit or call 502.637.2500.

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