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Yamaha's Bob Quinones

I'm here with Bob Quinones, New York area district manager for Yamaha Commercial Audio, who's graciously agreed to share some words of wisdom about some of the new offerings from Yamaha for the theatre sound market. Take it away, Bob:

This is our third year participating in this event & we love seeing all of the up & coming folks that are emerging in the theater world. It's very satisfying having the opportunity to sponsor some of the students.

We're showing our PM5D console which has a capability of up to 56 in by 24 out, has a powerful array of internal processing including the equivalent of 8 SPX2000 effects processors and 12 graphic EQ's. It has been a real big success for us as we have managed to place 1500 boards in two years.

We're also showing our new M7CL board which comes in either 32 in or 48 in by 16 out. It feature a very intuitive layerless approach called Central Logic. This product is out only four months and it already has topped an amazing1200 units worldwide.

Thanks Bob. You can learn more about Yahama's gear at

Yamaha Commercial Audio


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