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XL Video Offers Lighter, Brighter Options

XL Video Offers Lighter, Brighter Options

XL Touring Video supplied the new F LED 11 modules for this 52'W x 28'H video screen for Keith Urban's portion of the Kenny Chesney 2008 Poets & Pirates tourXL Video® once again this summer supplied the cutting edge of LED screen technologies to their clients with the addition of two exciting new transparent mid- and high-resolution products to XL's already state of the art rental inventory. The availability of Spider 40, with a 40 mm resolution and F LED 11 with an 11mm resolution means XL clients have expanded design possibilities without compromising on image quality; plus both products have a high degree of transparency for scrim-like effects. “Production designers are always looking for something to set their work apart,” comments Marcel DeKeyzer, President of XL Video. “XL works to offer them ways to have creative freedom but still have a high degree of clarity and brightness. Our investment in these new products gives them just that—something new and visually exciting.” DeKeyzer explains, “As a company, we are constantly researching, looking for the right manufacturers and for the right products. We then spend a lot of time and resources working with them to produce some of the most visually interesting and effective LED video products.”

XL Video, the exclusive worldwide distributor for Spider 40 and F LED 11 LED modules, believes that the 40mm and 11mm resolutions', coupling of transparent scrim-like arrangements, and lightweight LED video products are perfect for touring, exhibitions, tradeshows, television, theatre, and event applications. Both products offer production designers a whole range of new possibilities to layer video with lighting, scenery, and effects. XL Video has invested in a large inventory of these products to be able to handle the design and demands of any size projects; in fact these new technologies have already been used on some high-profile productions including the Stereophonics UK tour, Juan Luis Guerra's North and South American tours, and Keith Urban's summer tour.

F LED 11 The 11mm pixel pitch F LED 11 is an indoor product that offers high resolution, brightness, and low weight, making it a perfect solution in venues with rigging limits. The F LED module is 20% of the weight of comparable LED tiles. The compact packaging allows a 25m² screen to occupy only 1.5m (5') of truck space. With a weight of 15 kg/m2 (33 lbs), F LED 11 is very quick and easy to install. XL Video has built an optional touring frame, which adds strength and speeds up installation. The touring frame and F LED module only weigh 25 kg/m2 (55 lbs). F LED 11 offers 12-bit color and 5,500 NITs of brightness and has a viewing angle, both horizontal and vertical of 160°. The F LED 11 includes a flexible serial data interface. The F LED 11 module measures 450x 450x60mm (17.7”x17.7”x2.4”) and consumes 1,000-Watts/m2.

Production designer Marc Brickman chose the F LED 11 for the video support of Keith Urban, who joined Kenny Chesney's summer 2008 Poets & Pirates tour. Brickman used the F LED to create a screen that was 52' wide by 28' high that could split in half to hide the screen behind the stage left and right sound wings during the opening acts. John Wiseman, President of XL Touring Video, explains, “There was only a 20-minute set change and the F LED was easily deployable in that time frame. We worked with SGPS ShowRig who made a fantastic tracking system to move the screens. It is the amazing combination of light weight and high resolution that makes F LED 11 a powerful design choice. The resolution was unbelievable; the images looked fantastic.”

Spider 40 The new Spider 40 is a 40mm pixel pitch SMD LED product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Over twice as bright as comparable 40mm LED screens, the Spider 40 product is an innovative, scaleable video screen solution with 44% transparency. Weighing in at 18.75 kg/m2 (41 lbs), the lightweight Spider 40 tiles can be built to any size and shape. Its rugged chassis design provides easy rigging and the strength required for the rigors of the rental and staging market. Spider 40 has a 16-bit color and a brightness of 5,000 NITs so it can be seen clearly outdoors in bright sunshine and has a viewing angle, both horizontal and vertical, of 120°. It is IP65 rated for outdoor use and has a maximum power consumption of 96-Watts per tile. The Spider 40 module measures 640x640x114.5mm (25.2”x25.2”x4.5”)

These were among the many features that made lighting designer Wady Rodriguez and production manager William Cortes use 1,000 square feet of the Spider 40 on the recent US tour of Latin recording artist Juan Luis Guerra. He took home five Latin Grammys last year, including Song of the Year and Album of the Year and is now gearing up to tour South America.

XL Video, which was formed in the 1996, has quickly established itself as the international market leader in the field of video production for trade shows, outdoor and indoor events, concert touring, theatre and television shows. XL Video is a global player with offices around the world offering experience, expertise, and the right people for the job, with an impressive track record to prove it.

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