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XL Events Wins 2010 Eventia Award

XL Events Wins 2010 Eventia Award


XL Events has won a prestigious 2010 Eventia Award for ‘Technical Supplier of The Year', which was presented at a gala dinner evening attended by 800 leading events industry professionals at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel in London.

The Awards were hosted by BBC Breakfast regulars Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams. XL Events' director Rich Rowley and business development manager Nick Hart collected the Award on behalf of the XL Events team, who have offices in Hemel Hempstead and Bromsgrove in the UK.

Says Rowley, "XL Events has enjoyed an outstanding year. Our market position has strengthened and we have continued to deliver during a fragile economic climate. More importantly our business has been agile and adaptable enough to offer these Agency's a whole series of multiple and creative solutions for their clients".

XL Events has experienced tangible growth throughout 2010, with the acquisition of new clients like ITV, the COI (Central Office of Information) and it has gained accreditation and supplier status to the FA (Football Association).

Rowley continues, "We're proud of the quality of our service, and maintain strong client relationships. Our staff, experience and accessibility are all key to the company's future success".

Eventia Chairman Mark Saxby commented on the night, “This year's finalists and winners have set new standards of excellence and serve as testimony to the energy and enthusiasm that is currently driving face-to-face communication to the forefront of marketing strategies".

The XL Events Eventia Award submission was assessed by a panel of 14 independent event industry professionals including organisers, agencies and experts who sifted through the applications for each category.

XL had to discuss 3 events in depth and illustrate the brief, the objective and how they came up with a solution in terms of technical supply - hardware and expertise/skills.

The three events were:

The National TV Awards 2010 at the O2 in London for Indigo TV, where they delivered a large scale HD projection system onto an 18 metre wide by 10 metre high screen.

The second was a 20 date Financial Services Roadshow for a leading UK bank, through the Speakeasy Agency, which involved projecting images onto a large set piece shaped like a book. Using media server technology, the images were masked exactly to fit the areas, and the pages of the book 'turned' to reveal the next set of projected information.

The third event was for the Samsung Corby mobile phone global launch at Milan Fashion Week. Working for Jack Morton Worldwide, and using a Musion holographic system and large format projection, the XL Events team created a fully immersive presentation environment, including the projection of HD images 4000 pixels wide by 1080 high using 22 projectors.

XL Events services a huge variety of events and has an extensive inventory of video, LED, Camera Systems, audio and lighting equipment, plus a strong team of project managers, technicians and engineers.

For more press info on XL Events please contact Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘[email protected]'. To contact XL Events direct, call +44 (0) 1527 577977.

Eventia Awards Photo Caption :

L-R : Aurelien Lukowski, (international business development manager for Viparis who sponsored this Award, Bill Turnbull (BBC Host), Nick Hart (XL Events business development manager), Rich Rowley (XL Events director), Sian Williams (BBC Host).

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