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wysiwyg R28: “All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!”

wysiwyg R28: “All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!”

r28-camerapath1.jpgCAST Software of Toronto, Canada recently sent the Beta version of wysiwyg R28, targeted for distribution within a few weeks, to a select group of wysiwyg Members who regularly test the software to make sure it is in perfect operating condition before its general release. The initial feedback is unanimous: R28 is way cool!

wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) is the award-winning industry standard of lighting and video previsualization software for live events, film, architectural markets and beyond. This means that what you see in your renders or on screen is exactly what you can get on the set, in the venue or on the exterior of the building. Why is this so important? Because your professionalism depends on it!

R28 builds on the huge advancements delivered in R27, released Summer 2011, which proclaimed a speed increase of up to five times faster in Shaded Views across all views. R27 also improved the Attribute Layout system to be more user friendly, allowing users to customize the patch, channel, gobo, and other markers for each fixture. It also added a new Image Manager system for managing images in your wysiwyg files. Use it to add, delete, replace and/or edit textures, renders and other images.

r28-welcome-screen.jpgOn top of those advancements, wysiwyg R28 adds these new features:

• Camera Paths: Draw a camera path in wysiwyg and play it back in Design or Live mode's 3D Shaded Views

• Cuelists for Looks: Build Looks in Design; store them in the cuelist, and play them back in any order you wish

• LED and Media: Improved Video Splitting (you can now split your Images from the Image manager and apply them to Surfaces, Screens or LED walls

• Shutter Cuts: Edit conventional fixtures' Shutters and Barndoors more efficiently, without having to access the Properties window

• New Device Toolbar: Allows you to conveniently connect/disconnect devices in Live mode and access their properties

• Library: Select all Library items of a certain type and replace them with an alternate style of Library object

But, more importantly, here are some comments from R28 Beta Testers:

“At first look, R28 is stable, good improvement again! We found the LED wizard good and clear, really more simple than before. And the new Shaper tool is Excellent, Magnifico, Fantastique, SUPER! No bug, non crash, well done!”

-- Julien Blais-Savoie, Senior Drafter / Programmer

“I checked the new media tools, very nice! Especially the new video/image subsources tool. Everything is alright :-) Cuelists, device manager toolbar, shutters and barndoors, LED wizard and replace/select library items are fantastic!! Enhance LED walls is absolutely perfect, ab fab! Thank you for all of these new very useful functions.”

-- Adrien Coendoz, Lighting Designer

“All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! From what I have experienced so far testing the Beta R28. The Cue List Tool and Camera Path Tool used together are simply superb!!! When R28 is released, all the wysiwyg users are going to have a great time using the new tools. I had to email you guys as I am so so happy with the new features. Really good work guys.”

-- Nick Calthrop, Lighting Designer

CAST is previsualizing a successful launch. For more information about wysiwyg, go to To learn more about other CAST products, visit

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