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wysiwyg R27 is Coming – 5X Faster!

wysiwyg R27 is Coming – 5X Faster!

r27.pngCAST Software Ltd. of Toronto, Canada announces the release of wysiwyg R27, for Members ONLY, on 11 July 2011. This is the Release that you've been asking for, with visualizations now running 5X faster! Isn't that worth the price of Membership?

Right: Screen shot from R27. Click to watch video.

New features in R27 include

• Beam optimization: lights respond 5X faster, keeping up with how fast you work

• Native Art-Net connectivity: receive and render realtime DMX data over Art-Net directly into wysiwyg

• Improved Attribute Layout: Speed up your plotting and designing process

• New Image Manager: Easier and faster browsing through images and textures; spend more time designing with light

• Upgraded Layer Manager: Better organize your wysiwyg layers to streamline your workflow

• New fullscreen modes: Toggle Shaded View window to/from full screen

• Add video to Library Objects: Stream video onto any screen in our Library

• Additional Reports: New report types and filters make your job easier

wysiwyg R27 is really virtually real, and this is a fact. You just have to see it to believe it! See for yourself a realtime comparison of the speed of R27 versus R26 at

As with every release, wysiwyg takes the new features and improvements from the previous release and brings them to the next level. R27 is no exception. As if the speed and gusto alone weren't enough, R27 allows true 3D flyovers when used with the 3Dconnexion mouse, introduced in R26, putting the User directly into digital space using all of the 6 Degrees of Freedom – X, Y, Z, and Pitch, Roll, and Yaw. Now with R27, not only can you render faster, but with the boost in speed, Users are able to have graphics power on reserve and you can do flythroughs in realtime and still render the show just as fast.

With this unique 3D mouse users can pan, zoom and rotate as if they're holding the model in their hand. Users can also operate cameras with this new powerful addition to wysiwyg, focus conventional fixtures, and create amazing flybys as well as switch camera views and create a live motion video – capturing it all with wysiwyg's onboard CamStudio package.

Members will also be pleased with the Library Additions included with R27. In fact, the wysiwyg Library is bigger than ever. wysiwyg R27 includes loads of hot new fixtures and the truss, gobos and accessories needed to do a show right. And Members in good standing get all new fixtures as soon as they are ready – no need to wait for a new release.

Releases are free to current wysiwyg Members. In fact, being a Member is the only way to get a fully operational copy of the software.

For information about wysiwyg or to download R27, visit

CAST Software Ltd., 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email:

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