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wysiwyg R25 Beta Testing Begins

CAST Software of Toronto, Canada announced today that wysiwyg R25 Beta version has been released for beta testing by the carefully selected Beta Test Team. .

CAST's beta testing program aims to uphold the high level of dependability and robustness, for which wysiwyg is renown, by enlisting typical Members to test drive it in the field under real conditions. CAST carefully monitors the Testers and ensures a reasonable cross-section of uses in order to optimize the usefulness of the feedback. One thing the Testers have agreed: that the last 3 Releases are CAST's biggest and best to date.

As an incentive to collect feedback by 22 Mar 10, CAST is offering an incentive for the Testers. Chosen at random, the prizes include a free one-year Membership renewal and five free Luminair Apps. What is a Luminair App? Read on.

Here is a list of some innovations and features found in the R25 Beta version.

New CAD Mode Features: Send to Back/Bring to Front; Text Toolbar; Alignment Tools; Polygon Tool; Convert Lines to Surfaces; Select Fixtures on Hang Structures; Cycle Selection; Visual Indicators for Truss Assembly; New/more descriptive right-click options for truss assembly; Font Styles for Dimensions

New Design Mode Features: Pan and Tilt Locking for the Focus Designer Tool

New Presentation Mode Features: Locking Objects in Layouts; Text Toolbar (Layouts and New Plots); Alignment Tools (Layouts and New Plots)

Enhancements to Layouts in Presentation Mode: Zoom Layouts & Content Windows using the mouse wheel; Copy and Paste items within Layouts; Assign colours in Legends; New alignment options in Worksheet Item Properties; Option to modify corners of Rounded Rectangles; Easily create perfect circles, rectangles and 45 degree angles ; Speed and stability optimizations for New Plots; Delete Rows and Columns in Worksheets

New Camera Features: Locking; Switching Hotkeys; Save Shaded View as New Camera

LED Walls: New Display Video (Sources and Sub sources) on LED Walls; Properties tab of LED Wall allows modification of image/video source and intensity; LED Walls are selectable in Design Mode; LED Walls are now up to 4x brighter in Shaded View

And More: Video can now be split into Sub sources; Updated Application Options; Generic Video Projectors Added to Library; All library items now appear smoothed

As if that isn't enough, one particularly “handy” addition to R25 is the new 3rd party application extension to work with Luminair 2.0, the next generation of the wireless multi-touch DMX control software for the iPhone and iPod touch, developed by Synthe FX of Cincinnati, Ohio. wysiwyg can download fixture POV and the necessary DMX data to these handheld devices so users are able to see what a specific fixture's focus should be and adjust the fixture accordingly. Once that fixture is focused the user can turn that light off and the next one on from the remote location viewer, leading to download and trigger abilities for looks.

Synthe FX founder and lead product developer Ryan Hisey says, “Never before have lighting professionals had the option of designing looks on a master console, recording snapshots, and building a simple show that they can carry in their pocket. We are very excited to be working with CAST Software, which is a highly respected industry leader, on such a groundbreaking new feature for lighting pros.” Full details, videos, and screenshots can be seen at

CAST is encouraging professionals from all segments who use wysiwyg to apply to join the R25 Beta Team. Testers must already own wysiwyg Design or Perform and their Membership must be current to apply. Visit www.cast-soft for full information.

CAST anticipates the full Members' R25 release by early April. Releases are free to current wysiwyg Members. In fact, being a Member is the only way to get a fully operational copy of the software. CAST has also developed a new wysiwyg DV, which includes 4 sample plots, so manufacturers can test and also demonstrate their hardware using the best.

Members will also be pleased with the new Library Additions included with the R25 release.

• Automated Fixtures: 19

• Conventional Fixtures: 11

• Fixtures Other: 2

• Truss: 32

• Gobos: 133

• Bulbs: 7

• Colour Filters (Gels): 9

For those that keep track, including the above, the Library will comprise

• Automated Fixtures: 692

• Conventional Fixtures: 2561

• Fixtures Other: 46

• Truss: 4529

• Gobos: 4129

• Bulbs: 1462

• Colour Filters (Gels): 2058

R25 + Library – this is why Membership has its benefits!

A Sneak Peek at wysiwyg R25 will be showcased during ProLight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany March 24-27, Hall 11.1 stand C46.

To learn more about CAST Software products, visit

CAST Software, 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1.416.597.2278. Fax: +1.416.597.9594.

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