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CAST Software is wrapping up beta testing on the latest release of wysiwyg – R23 and the response is overwhelming. More than 300 wysiwyg Members applied to be in the beta testing group. Testers were asked for feedback on every new feature of the software, from the new graphics engine to the improved designer tools.

wysiwyg rendering by Tobias HeydthausenRendering by Tobias Heydthausen

CAST's beta testing program aims to uphold a high level of dependability and robustness by enlisting typical Members to test drive it in the field under real conditions. CAST carefully monitors the Testers and ensures a reasonable cross-section of uses in order to optimize the usefulness of the feedback. One thing the Testers have agreed: that the last 3 Releases are CAST's biggest and best to date.

The way R23 lets End Users see footprints correctly is considered a major breakthrough. The variable focus feature allows users to focus beams, gobos, video, etc., at any distance. Moving beams interacting with objects will produce realtime shadows and hot spots that are a more realistic depiction of the light. R23 also allows you to see virtual video projections through beams and in realtime, even if the projector itself is moving.


The R23 beta testing began in December 2008. As an incentive to collect reviews in a timely manner, CAST offered an incentive for the Testers. David Miller of London, England, a Freelance Lighting Designer, Moving Light Programmer and Lighting Technician was the lucky winner of a one-year Membership renewal.

Left: David Miller

Lighting Designer and Theatrical Consultant John Penisten, another Tester, commented positively, “I have been very impressed with the enhancements since R18. I am sure it has been a frustrating time for you guys with some of the responses to the change from a locked-in 4 releases per year schedule, but the quality of recent releases have, in my opinion, more than made up for any perceived shortchanging. Thank you for your hard work.”

Lighting and Scenic Designer Nick Wisdom designs for a wide variety of events including corporate, concerts, televised, and special events all across the US. Nick was highly impressed with the Enhanced Visualization features in wysiwyg R23. “I really like the direction that the enhanced beams have taken wysiwyg. Before that development I had considered switching to ESP Vision for doing pre-visualization, and I'm glad that I waited as I'm now very pleased.”

Security has also been enhanced to prevent the use of unauthorized copies of wysiwyg, and protecting the value invested in the software by Members. “I'm glad you've changed the security around wysiwyg,” commented Lighting Designer Bhagat Denijs, “I was rather annoyed the past few years where many people were bashing wysiwyg opposed to ESP, but who were actually using bootleg wysiwyg. I hope it will bring back some true value to my investment.”

Bruce Campbell, Lighting and Production Designer for live music, corporate and theatrical events summarized, “Having diverse clientele makes having the best design and organizational tools essential. wysiwyg is that tool…end of story. With each release this powerful tool just gains strength, I don't know how I designed without it. Keep up the good work.”

CAST is pre-visualizing a successful launch. For more information about wysiwyg, and Releases 22 & 23, go to

CAST Software, 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email: [email protected]

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