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CAST Software is getting their first round of feedback from the Beta testers of the latest release of wysiwyg – R23, and the response is unanimous. R23 delivers momentous innovations in pre-visualization.

The Beta version was sent to a select group of wysiwyg Members who regularly test the software to make sure it is in perfect operating condition before its general release. CAST targets the general distribution of R23 within a few weeks.

Here are some of the early comments:

• “After having tested the ESP vision, I have decided to continue to pre program in the world's best light software ... wysiwyg”

• “The new graphics engine in R23 with beam wrapping, focusable footprints, and hot spots in the beam produces excellent real-time renderings. I also like the fixture point of view focusing”

• “I have decided not to sell my dongle and proceed with the draw and pre program in wysiwyg”

• “Imagine the ability from a single ‘right click tool' to send such details directly to an iPhone…”

• “I'm very impressed with R23 – it's just as easy as ever to use and it's much improved in the visualization department.”

before.jpgAfterRight to Left: Renderings Before and After

These examples show the leaps that wysiwyg has displayed in just the last two releases. Additional comparisons can be found at R22's ground-up build, including a new realtime highly efficient engine, marked substantial advancements that produce softer beams with more depth, texture and colour mixing, and even flare. The new animated life-like 3D smoke greatly enhances the environment and also highlights improvements to gobo projection, showing the breakups in the beams.

With R23, the ability to see footprints correctly is considered a major breakthrough. The variable focus feature allows users to focus beams, gobos, video, etc., at any distance. Moving beams interacting with objects will produce real-time shadows and hot spots that create a more realistic depiction of the light. R23 also allows you to see virtual video projections through beams and in real-time, even if the projector itself is moving.

CAST is pre-visualizing a successful launch. For more information about wysiwyg, and Releases 22 & 23, go to

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