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Wybron Releases Updated Mechanical Dowsers

A new drive mechanism and new motors will improve Wybron's series of Eclipse IT mechanical dowsers, the company has announced.

New motors will be installed in six versions of the Eclipse – three Iris models and three Shutter models. The Iris models use a camera-like aperture to block the light, and when the fins retract, 100 percent of the light shines through. The Shutter models use vertical blades to black out the beam, a style often used for quick cuts and chase sequences around arenas.

Both styles are used to dowse sports lights and other discharge lights that can't be dimmed electronically.

A new drive mechanism inside the three Iris models will make these units more solid by simplifying the pieces used to open the aperture fins, said Lee Schlais, Wybron's Vice President of Engineering.

“The Eclipse units were already reliable, but the changes we have made will improve their reliability and durability,” Schlais said.

Customers will note that the names of the new models have changed to better reflect the dowser styles. The Shutter unit, formerly called Eclipse I IT, will now be called Eclipse IT Shutter, and the Iris unit, formerly called Eclipse II IT, will now be called Eclipse IT Iris.

To watch videos of the dowsers in action, visit


Wybron designs and manufactures innovative, practical, and high-quality lighting equipment for some of the biggest entertainment productions in the world. Wybron remains committed to standardized two-way communication protocols that help users more easily manage their lighting rigs – sending valuable feedback from your lighting equipment to your laptop.

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