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Wybron Offers Free Infogate Through Dec. 31

Wybron Offers Free Infogate Through Dec. 31


A few weeks remain for a Wybron promotion offering a free feedback system with the purchase of 24 feedback-compatible products.

With the promotion, customers receive the hardware and software for Infogate, the brains of Wybron's Infotrace feedback system, which uses Remote Device Management, an industry-standard two-way communication protocol that lets the equipment on a rig "talk back" to its operators.

The RDM-compatible products include the Coloram IT scrolling color changer, the CXI IT dual-scroller color-mixing changer, the Eclipse IT mechanical dowsers (shutter and iris), the Transition fiber-optic illuminator, and the Nexera luminaire.

Each product comes equipped with sensors that gather information such as fan speed, temperature, voltage, and more. Infogate takes this data and sends it to the operator's computer or iPhone. With this feedback, users can troubleshoot and pinpoint problems.

Infogate also lets users set DMX addresses from a computer or iPhone.

The free Infogate offer ends Dec. 31.

For more information visit or call (719) 548-9774.

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