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Wybron Adds Detailed SED Curves to iPhone App

Wybron Adds Detailed SED Curves to iPhone App

Detailed SED graph on updated Gel Swatch LibraryDetailed Spectral Energy Distribution graphs highlight the latest version of Wybron's award-winning Gel Swatch Library for the iPhone.

Gel Swatch Library Version 1.3, which catalogues nearly 1,000 gel colors, now features SED graphs five times larger than the app's previous graphs, revealing color details important to today's lighting production personnel.

The updated version will be available soon through Apple's App Store. Existing Gel Swatch Library users will be prompted to download the update at no additional charge.

Each SED graph displays a color's wavelengths in nanometers, ranging from 400 to 700 nanometers and marked every 10 nanometers. Each graph also displays a color's light transmission percentages marked in 10-percent increments.

“Customer feedback continues to help us refine the Gel Swatch Library. Fully one-half of the current changes are a direct result of customer requests for enhanced functionality,” said Scott Longberry, Wybron engineer and co-developer of the application.

The Gel Swatch Library, released in July 2008, was recently named one of Live Design magazine's Products of the Year for 2008-09. It also took home ESTA's Member's Choice Award last October.

Famed lighting designer Richard Pilbrow tells Wybron he uses the application three to four times a day when lighting a show.

Other changes implemented in Version 1.3 include:

• Full-screen viewing enabled by shaking the iPhone (or iPod touch)

• Ability to clear “Recently Viewed Colors” list

• Ability to turn off sounds

• New splash screen

• “Numeric order” and “swatch book order” buttons combined into one cycling button

The updated application still lets users search through gels made by GAM, Lee, and Rosco as well as compare any two colors and examine similar and complementary colors.

Wybron is also working on an exciting new iPhone application that should be released in a week or two, Longberry said.

“We're continuing our push toward new and innovative products for our customers,” he said. “I know they're really going to like this new app.”

For more information, call (719) 548-9774, e-mail [email protected], or visit

To download the Gel Swatch Library, visit the App Store via the icon on your iPhone or iPod touch, or go to iTunes.


Wybron designs and manufactures innovative, practical, and high-quality lighting equipment for some of the biggest entertainment productions in the world. Wybron remains committed to standardized two-way communication protocols that help users more easily manage their lighting rigs – sending valuable feedback from your lighting equipment to your laptop.

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