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Wow, Abandoning The Lighting Market?

I'm sitting in my hotel in Frankfurt getting ready to fly back NY after what feels like three days of being dragged through the mud. Okay, that's not entirely true because we had many great meetings and saw some great companies.

However, it's true, I don't sell ad space or LDI booth space or anything of the kind. No, I'm just an editor. But when major lighting manufacturers abandon the market by declaring they're not exhibiting at LDI, as some of you may have heard, well I have to say something on the matter.

Here's the thing: I don't really give a hoot who exhibits at LDI. I don't make any money from it. If you don't put out your wares there, then that's one less booth I have to visit. BUT, in 24 hours, I've had other lighting companies say to me, "WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO OUR SHOW!??!!?" Trust me, I was up until 5am gathering responses during the post-show nightlife to the announcements that two major moving light companies with rumored fiscal troubles in the last couple of years are not doing LDI this year.

So, who's going to suffer? Some feel like the absence of major exhibitors marks a betrayal of a legacy of 20 years of LDI and that is not fair to the entire industry. And okay, so maybe it's a little personal, like it's a slap in the face for all we've done in the 20 years the show has been in existence. So sue me. Interestingly, however, other exhibitors replied that it's good for them because they won't have as much competition on the show floor. Surely, those who back out of exhibiting won't get the mileage of the marketing that comes with a major trade show from international press.

I'm not sure what to think of it all. In fact, I think all and everything at once. Like I said, I don't even sell anything, and I was pretty pissed. David Johnson almost had to drag me kicking and screaming off the show floor.

Perhaps there's more to this story that has more to be told. I anxiously invite responses to how you think these rumors might affect this industry. Drop me a line at [email protected]

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