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WorldStage Companies VAI and Scharff Weisberg For Intel's ISMC

WorldStage Companies VAI and Scharff Weisberg For Intel's ISMC

Intel ISMCPedersen Media Group drew upon the extensive resources and capabilities of WorldStage companies Video Applications Inc. (VAI) and Scharff Weisberg to provide video and audio solutions for Intel's recent International Sales & Marketing Conference (ISMC) at the Anaheim (California) Convention Center. The annual meeting was attended by 4,000 Intel sales and marketing staff from around the globe.

For the event, which takes place over four days, the WorldStage companies were responsible for an extensive sound and video services package. Besides providing a large arena audio package, the event visuals were displayed on a 20'x 66' main screen flanked by two 20' x 35' screens. And, for one portion of the event, the main screens became elements of a mapped projection pieces that saw images projected onto a 136' wide by 60'deep multi-level stage and curvilinear two-element backdrop.

A Christie Vista Spyder system handled image processing for the center rear-projection screen, while a Coolux Pandoras Box media server network was used for the video mapping element. WorldStage also supplied a 5 camera HD facilities system for live video capture, a multi-channel audio system and their proprietary CommuniType social media interactive content generation system.

VAI's Media Hub server systems were used to provide discrete video playback across all of the main projection screens to create a 7,680 pixels wide by 1,080 tall image. The Media Hubs were synchronized to provide fully redundant playback of Quicktime files.

CommuniType, which is available exclusively for rental and sale through the WorldStage companies, was utilized to automatically format audience responses into a rich media environment via incoming texts and emails. The audience provided hundreds of apropos comments and commentary, which were qualified and selected using Communitype's custom Curatorial application.

"This ISMC event is yet another example of combining the resources and talents that are available from the WorldStage companies. WorldStage delivered a broad range of expertise, products and solutions by utilizing people and systems from both the East and West coast offices," commented VAI's Richard Bevan.

"Mapping video to the 14,000 square feet of stage surface worked pretty much as we had modeled it, although the actual warping and blending took a bit of tweaking," notes Scharff Weisberg president Josh Weisberg who supervised the 3D video mapping installation for the conference. "The end result was a very effective example of bringing the visuals outside the boundaries of the projection screen and energizing the entire stage area.

Mark Pedersen heads client Pedersen Media Group along with Kathy Cheun; Chuck Knuth acted as technical director for the conference and Rick Voigt as the event producer. "We selected WorldStage/Video Applications/Scharff Weisberg for their expertise in the area of managing multiple streams of content and having them all playback seamlessly on the screens and surrounding set elements through this unique projector mapping solution. The audience enjoyed this visual experience while we mixed it all together on-site using the multiple disciplines of everyone from WorldStage," comments Rick Voigt.

At VAI, Richard Bevan was the executive in charge with Jack Dussault project manager, Ken Newman audio engineer, Carl McMillan EIC, Shane Zinke screen switcher as well as numerous VAI staff engineers. Josh Silverman was the CommuniType programmer, Bryan Dominick the 3D mapping projectionist and Michael Kohler the Pandora operator. Sam Kriemelmeyer from Coolux was the Pandora programmer.

Video Applications and Scharff Weisberg are collaborating partners to clients requiring unique and imaginative solutions for their event, spectacle and large-meeting lighting, sound and video needs whether local, national or worldwide. For more information visit or

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