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World's Largest Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas Sets Sail With Elation Lighting

World's Largest Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas Sets Sail With Elation Lighting

theatre_smaller.jpgFT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Weighing 225,000 gross registered tons with 16 decks and a 5,400-passenger capacity, Oasis of the Seas has been making waves since Royal Caribbean International first announced plans to build this $1.4 billion floating architectural marvel. More than just the world's largest cruise ship, Oasis completely re-defines the at-sea experience with a long list of amazing “firsts” such as double-deck loft cabins, a park the size of a football field, a zip line extending 9 decks above an atrium, and a unique AquaTheater that's a pool by day and dazzling water-show theater at night. Even its layout is like nothing ever seen aboard a cruise ship, comprised of 7 distinct “neighborhoods” with names like Central Park, Boardwalk and Entertainment Place.

shops_smaller.jpgA ship of this size and imagination required lighting that could accommodate its visionary design and range of attractions, while delivering the low-maintenance reliability and performance demanded by 24/7, indoor/outdoor use. Seeking this balance of features, lighting designers Christopher Vlassopulos of Royal Caribbean and Michael Riotto Design (New York) turned to Elation Professional to put this revolutionary cruise ship in lights. Over 200 lighting fixtures from Elation, supplied by FUNA International, are installed aboard Oasis of the Seas -- from IP-rated LED architectural fixtures in its outdoor areas, to moving heads and color-changing LEDs in its discos, lounges and retail space.

Vlassopulos, who serves in Entertainment Technology & Technical Design for Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, affirmed lighting's important role as a design element aboard Oasis. “With seven themed zones and 50-plus venues featuring state-of-the-art technologies for entertainment, we paid very close attention to both architectural and show lighting design,” the Royal Caribbean designer said.

Explaining why Elation products were chosen to light Oasis of the Seas, Vlassopulos added, “The ship is 24/7, multipurpose and multi-use, running 12 hours a day or more. You need things that are compact and reliable. We choose the best products for our specific needs, and have a good relationship and solid history of support (with Elation) that's very important to Royal Caribbean.”

The majority of lights used aboard Oasis are LED fixtures. Because Elation offers a wide range of versatile LED-powered entertainment, architectural, and IP-rated outdoor products, it was easy to find the right light for the ship's every need. For example, Elation's IP66-rated Design LED 108IPS RGB color-changing fixture was used in a number of outdoor areas, including the Boardwalk family-oriented amusement environment; the Pool and Sports Zone, where it adds color to the ship's Flow Rider Surfing Simulators; and the AquaTheater to light up dramatic diving shows at night. Indoors, Elation's Opti RGB color-changing par-like fixture adds atmosphere to entertainment venues ranging from Boleros Latin club to Comedy Live comedy club, while the company's Impression LED moving head energizes Dazzles dance lounge.

In addition to their maintenance-free, easy operation, the fact that LEDs have low energy requirements and run at a cool temperature was in keeping with Oasis' lighting designers' goal of making the ship as revolutionary from a “green” standpoint as it is in all other aspects of its design. “The cruise ship can be the model for the new lean and mean green-building age,” Vlassopulos believes. “Through such things as the employment of LEDs and other low-power, low-heat components, ships set an example of how to build in cost savings all the way down the line.”

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