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Wooten Woods Stays Eco-Friendly with CHAUVET®

Wooten Woods Stays Eco-Friendly with CHAUVET®

wooten-woods-lp.jpgONLY, Tenn. – State-of-the-art LED CHAUVET® fixtures equip an environmentally-friendly stage at five-time GRAMMY® award-winner Victor Wooten's musical retreat located just west of Nashville.

Since 2000, Wooten and his team have helped hundreds of musicians improve their music and become more environmentally conscious. All of Wooten's camps, such as Bass/Nature Camp, Music/Nature Camp and Fodera Camp, take place at Wooten Woods, a multi-functional retreat completed in 2010 by the hands, sweat, love and contributions from friends and students from around the world. Campers explore the beauty of life, nature and music and discover how they all relate to one another. The 147-acre retreat overlooks Duck River, one of the world's most biologically diverse rivers in North America, and has a variety of wildlife, flowers, trees, ponds and streams on the property. It accommodates different types of camps that cater to people of all ages, who play all different types of instruments and have varying levels of musical experience.

“I think including nature in anything we do will always make us better,” Wooten said. “This is a fun, non-profit camp that lets us share our experiences and what we know as professional musicians with anyone who will listen.”wooten-woods-sp2.jpg

In addition to improving their musical knowledge, campers gradually become one with their surrounding environment as they learn about wilderness survival, gardening, edible and medicinal plants and animal tracking.

wooten-woods-sp.jpg“Caring for the environment and becoming more eco-friendly is a common bond Wooten and CHAUVET® share,” said Jamey Brock, CHAUVET® director of sales. “CHAUVET® strongly believes in exploring, finding and delivering eco-friendlier alternatives to traditional lighting sources and encourages the switch to LED whenever and wherever possible.”

CHAUVET® LEDs were specified for installation at Wooten Woods because of their energy-efficient and superior-color qualities. Multiple COLORadoâ„¢ Batten 72 Tour fixtures provide front lighting to the stage while rugged COLORadoâ„¢ 1 IP provides indoor or outdoor illumination. The stage provides an awesome concert venue that doubles as an outdoor amphitheater where campers can play their instruments in the serene environment of the Tennessee wilderness.

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