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Wintuk - Cirque Du Soleil

Wintuk - Cirque Du Soleil


Today I received an email update about a Cirque Du Soleil show I ordered tickets last month to go and see. It is a new, limited time only, show being produced at Madison Square Garden called Wintuk. I am a huge fan of Cirque Du Soleil and ordered tickets as soon as I heard about it in August, even though the concepts for the play are still being worked out. Cirque redefines the way I think about theatre every time I see one of their productions, which is why I enjoy watching them so much. Wintuk seems to fall right into this category with a promise of acrobatics, puppets and projections. There is a simple story line behind the performance that is set in a city that gets no snow and the journey of a boy to find where it has gone and to bring it back. I‘m pretty psyched because the shows going to end in what I can only expect to be the greatest on-stage snow storm ever. I‘m particularly intrigued to see the snow effect since the current show that the Opera is teching uses snow too. If you want to find out some more information about Wintuk the go to Click. There‘s a short video about the show on the site too, but I am a little disappointed they took down a video of their early storyboard and sketch ideas for the show. I‘m counting down the days to I get to see it. It runs from November 1 - January 6.

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